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In astrology, the planets when they are placed in certain houses gain strength and in certain houses bring out their worst qualities. If these factors are known beforehand, suffering in life can be avoided. This is just a quick reference for the best and worst house placements of the different planets we use in astrological charts. Some of the important life lessons can be learnt when the different planet positions and their meanings are known.

Find your Planet Positions

The Sun

The luminary Sun is found to be the best when placed in the 10th house of one’s natal chart, the 10th house rules over the profession or career of the native. Sun in the 10th house is loaded with energy and the 10th house gives the native the much wanted status in society. 

The worst placement for Sun is the 12th house. This is the most challenging position for the Sun. Here the Sun is hidden and feels secluded and much away from the limelight it yearns for. The Sun in the 12th house gives lack of paternal care, loss of self confidence and health issues for the native.

The Moon

The Moon which rules over our emotions and feelings is best placed when in the 4th house which has Cancerian tendencies of emotion and sensitivity. The 4th house also rules over maternal care.

The worst placement for Moon is the 8th house where it feels as if emotions are stuck and held back. Moon in the 8th house gives loss of maternal care, jealousy. Danger of accidents in water and shyness are also likely.


Mercury is best placed in the 1st house of one’s natal chart. Here it indicates good intellect, reasoning and logical skills. Natives would be ethical and well versed in maths, reading, writing abilities.

The worst placements for Mercury would be the 4th and the 7th houses. In the 4th house Mercury hinders the expression of true feelings. In the 7th house there would be a hindrances for love life and native might get too cold with partner.


The best placement for Venus would be in the 4th house of the birth chart. The 4th house is the house of family and Venus here brings happiness and love in life.

Venus is wort placed in the 6th house where it might bring about troubles with partner. Venus in the 6th house would hinder the proper expression of love and sexual interests marring relationships.


Mars is best when it is in the 10th house which rules over work or profession. Mars in the 10th house brings status and honour for the native.

One of the tough placements for Mars would be the 7th house. It brings about troubles in relationships, disputes with partner and ego clashes.


The best placement for Jupiter is the 1st house where it bestows the native with much wisdom, happiness, luck and fortune.

Jupiter is worst when it is placed in the 3rd house where the gained knowledge might be lost to worldly pleasures. Jupiter in the 3rd house gives low energy, and lack of resources for the native.


Saturn is best when in the 7th house where it brings about practicality, skills in profession and duty and commitment  in relationships.

Saturn is at its worst in the 1st house. This position brings about depression, solitude, and low self-esteem for the native.

Rahu or the Moon’s North Node

Rahu is best when placed in the 10th house of profession or career where it blesses the native with good professional prospects.

Rahu’s worst placement would be the 9th house. This indicates troubles with father or paternal relationships and rebellious tendencies. Natives would go against all established societal norms.

Ketu or Moon’s South Node

Ketu is well placed when in the 12th house of one’s natal chart. This brings spiritual  and sexual satisfaction for the native.

In the 4th house Ketu loses energy and mars happiness, and bring about domestic worries and anxieties, and troubles with maternal relationships.

Most Desirable House placements for the planets

In a birth chart, the houses have certain characteristics and when the planets are placed in different houses they contribute to the traits of the native. The planets produce most desirable results when placed in certain zodiac houses.

The most desirable house placement of each planet are :

•  Sun - 1st house

•  Moon - 11th house

•  Mercury - 8th house

•  Venus - 7th house

•  Mars - 6th house

•  Jupiter - 5th house

•  Saturn - 3rd house

•  Uranus - 9th house

•  Neptune - 4th house

•  Pluto - 10th house

Sun - first house

When Sun is placed in the first house or the Ascendant, it gives much self-confidence to the individual. Her or she would be very unique in nature and would be versatile. They are very optimistic, happy and contented in life. This is a very auspicious placement  and native would be bold, generous and healthy. They can face odds in life and would be practical. They will have a good command around and would gain through inheritance

Moon - eleventh house

Moon posited in the 11th house shall bless the native with a long life, he or she would be wealthy, high-minded, respected in society, learned, blessed with power and authority but might have unreliable friends in life. There would be harmony in their relationships as they are aware of the feelings of those around.

Mercury - eighth house

When Mercury is in the 8th house, the native would be intelligent, rich and famous. They would support their families, would have a long life and would be renowned in society. Native would be resourceful and good in problem solving. They seek out for truth and do well in professions related to any sort of investigating nature.

Venus - seventh house

Venus in the 7th house of the natal chart indicates a happy and romantic married life, gains through marriage and success in public relationships. Would be wealthy and prosperous in life. They are highly social and give great value for relationships of sorts.

Mars - sixth house

Mars in the 6th house indicates that the native would be famous, wealthy and victorious. They are highly diligent and hard working. They have a good drive and influence others. This placement of Mars gives a penchant for perfection in everything they do.

Jupiter - fifth house

Jupiter when posited in the 5th house shall bless with good children, much luck and fortune, native would be charming and well-learnt. They contribute much to the society and natives are found to excel in the fields of education and politics.

Saturn - third house

The presence of Saturn in the 3rd house indicates god flow of income, gains of wealth, victory in disputes. Native would be practical and intelligent. They are very cautious and judicious in nature.

Uranus - ninth house

When Uranus is found in the 9th house of the natal chart, the native would be very philosophical and insightful. They have radical thoughts and beliefs and envision bold ideas and ideals.

Neptune - fourth house

The presence of Neptune in the fourth house indicates a strong personality who is bound to family ties. They are very emotional in nature and have strong familial values.

Pluto - tenth house

Pluto in the 10th house makes the native yearn for success in his or her goals. They are more bound to career ideals and excel in the technical field.

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