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Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and hence Virgos tend to catch on the  influence of all the three phases of Mercury retrograde though the year. As 2024 starts, Mercury would be retrograde and on the following day on 2nd January it turns direct. This is a time to be cautious as you are through the post retrograde phase of Mercury which is also termed as the shadow period.

The 24th of February sees a Full Moon in your sign of Virgo. This helps to deep-clean both mentally and physically.

The first full Mercury retrograde phase starts on the 1st of April and lasts for the next three week  time. Lay low for the period and learn to evolve with time.

Then you have your ruler Mercury entering your sign on the 25th of July. This is a great time for you to behold, you can see much productivity in life then.

This Mercury ingress into your sign is followed by it turning retrograde for the second time on the 5th of August. Yet another time to continue with your routine works and not to venture out into unknown territory. However, this phase would be better off to handle when compared to the previous and the ensuing retrograde phases as it takes place in a stable sign.

On the same 5th of August, Venus enters your sign when you get opportunities to rev up your love life.

Then we have the Virgo season with the grand entry of the Sun into your sign on the 22nd of August. This is your birthday season, but look out for some financial and health scares as the Sun happens to be your 12th Lord.

The New Moon in your sign for the year occurs on the 3rd of September. This brings orderliness to your already orderly life !!.

The final curtains down would be the last Mercury retrograde phase which starts on the 26th of November in your 4th house of Sagittarius. Expect delays and hindrances as always around this time. All Mercury retrogrades would interfere with your health, hence maintain caution.

Jupiter is through the 9th house of Taurus till the 26th of May for Virgos. This brings the focus on paternal relationships and prosperity. Then it moves over to the 10th house of Gemini when career or business prospects get emphasised.

Saturn, the great teacher moves through Pisces your opposite sign all through 2024. There would not be much changes in your relationships this year and you would be at your best when you continue with your routine works.

Uranus travels through your 9th house of Taurus for all of 2024. When Uranus travels through your 9th house you would have certain life experiences that broaden your mind.

Neptune lingers along in your 7th house of Pisces along with Saturn for the year. Expect some crisis or changes in your relationships for the year.

Pluto traverses through Capricorn, your 5th house till the 20th of November. A good time to focus on your creative pursuits. Then its transit to the 6th house brings about a desire to do more for others, but beware not to overdo anything.

Virgo, you are smart, precise, logical and have a clear perspective of your life, this year is going to be quite predictable as you always like to it thanks to the planet influences around for 2024.

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