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Cancers being ruled over by the Moon, would see their life being influenced by the waxing and waning of the moon through the year. And the Full Moons and New Moons in particular stand to affect them, let alone the eclipses.  This year’s lunation would affect you more a lot when compared to the other signs. The phases of the Moon tend to improve your consciousness and increase your emotions. Follow your intuition when the going gets tough around these days.

To start with there would be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in your 4th house of Libra on the 25th of March. This would bring about an emotional shift and make you more sensitive. Following this in a couple of weeks, there would be a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries, your 10th house on the 8th of April, 2024. This take you out of your comfort zone in  career and motivate you to take a detour if the situation warrants the same.

Come June, there would be an influx of planets in your sign. This starts with the entry of Venus into Cancer on the 17th of June. This would hep the Cancers to work on their relationships better.

Following, Venus, Mercury also enters Cancer on the 17th of June. Communication for the Cancer folks gets better thanks to the entry of Mercury into their sign.

Then Sun has its royal gala entry into the zodiac sign of Cancer on the 20th of June as the Cancer season sets in. The Sun in Cancer gives the natives more bend towards their family and loved ones.

Cancer would see the New Moon for the year in their sign on July 5th. This helps to work with your relationships. Be prepared for some tantrums from your near ones that might make you go crazy.

There would be a Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 18th of September in your 9th house of Pisces. This brings to focus your paternal relationships and higher educational prospects.

You would also encounter a Solar Eclipse on the 2nd of October in your 4th house of Libra when  domestic issues get highlighted. Expect some tough times around this eclipse period at home.

Jupiter travels through your 11th house of Taurus till May 26th. This would bring good gains for the Cancers and improves their friendships and social connections. Then it shifts position to the 12th house of Gemini. When Jupiter transits through the 12th house it shows the fulfilment of something that you have been waiting for quite a long time with regard to happiness, education or finances.

Saturn travels through the 9th house of Pisces which is a watery sign. This guides the Cancer folks to travel far and wide and explore more. It helps to expand your horizon.

And then we have Uranus through your 11th house of Taurus. When Uranus transits the 11th house, it brings about major changes in your social circle.

Neptune traverses through the 9th house of Pisces all this year for the Cancers. This would make the natives expand their spirituality.

And Pluto is through your 7th house of Capricorn till the 20th of November, 2024. This brings about profound changes in your relationships. Then it moves over to your 8th house of Aquarius for quite a long stint over there. When Pluto transits this deeply intense, psychological house you come out the other side a new person. Your entire persona shifts during this transit period.

Cancers are asked to come out of their shells for this year. The year ahead holds some great experiences, adventures and learning curves.

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