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Ever heard of the mysterious powerful woman, Lilith? You must have! You must have seen her in supernatural movies or read about her in horror books. Lilith is four astrological points but the Black Moon Lilith is the most powerful. Some call it the grandmother that resides within us, and some call it the basic bitch that pops up inside of us every once in a while.

Lilith possesses both bad and good traits. It can bring to the surface your innate desires, which are not evil or are evil. Also,it symbolizes our feminine unbridled raw sexual power. It is everything that we want to repress. For example, it is our rage, our hidden anger, or unworthiness.

Lilith In Aries
As Aries is the sign of leadership and dominance, the Lilith here is dominant and attractive, seductive, and intimidating. It is politically active as well. The fear that Lilith has in Aries is a feeling of unworthiness. So, if you have your Lilith in Aries, you may suffer from a feeling of unworthiness. You may not be happy with the identity that you have created. Also, with Lilith’s placement in Aries, you might let go of opportunities due to the feelings of vulnerability deep down. You are torn between the desire to take the lead and let it go due to your fear of unworthiness.

Lilith In Taurus
Taurus is a feminine sign, and it deals with the earth and physical body by Venus. Thus, the Lilith placement in Taurus can foster eating disorders that you need to work through, dear Taurus. Also, it fosters feelings of theft because of fear of poverty. Taurus is all about material security and stability. Thus, here the Lilith is petrified of being poor. However,  these people might repeat vicious cycles of remaining poor, despite it being their main fear. To any Taurus, security is highly crucial. Thus, if you have Lilith in Taurus, you are always seeking security, money, and financial stability. As a result, you might also ridicule poor people.

Lilith In Gemini
Gemini is all about communication. Hence, Lilith in Gemini will be seductive in her communication. It will possess an attractive voice. However, the Lilith will possess the fear of being misunderstood as Gemini is all about communication. From being misunderstood stems the fear of rejection. Thus, if you have Lilith in Gemini, you must be a seductive communicator but your deepest fear is the fear of rejection.

Also, the Lilith placement in Gemini could make you a pathological liar. Not only this, but you feel the need to seek approval from others. This behavior can be shallow, given that Gemini is shallow in lower vibrations.

Moreover, people with Lilith in Gemini might find an attraction towards mentally ill partners. However, by fostering your animal instincts you can curb this desire. You can not get rid of it but only curb it.

Lilith In Cancer
Lilith in Cancer is an interesting archetype because Cancer is about family and what we find familiar. Meanwhile, Lilith is that sexuality that unbridles feminine sexuality. With Lilith in Cancer, you might feel the need to babysit your partner, and at other times, you might want to feel uncommitted. Your greatest fear is abandonment as you are a family person and need people around you. Thus, as a result, you can become extremely needy and clingy, driving people away. You do not want one second away from your partner, thus invading their personal space. Also, you might feel sexually unavailable as you fail to connect with your partner on a more intimate level.

Moreover, if you have Lilith in Cancer, you might have experienced a traumatic childhood. Some tragedy might have struck you while growing up. To tackle this all, you need to develop your independence, especially financial independence.

Lilith In Leo
Black Moon Lilith in Leo tends to make you reach any length to get the admiration of people. You like to be stanned!

It is highly important to have a positive image and get famous. Thus, you take criticism pretty negatively. Oftentimes, celebrities and politicians have Lilith in Leo and can go to any extent to achieve fame. In worst cases, you can become a narcist.

Lilith In Virgo
Lilith in Virgo is a tremendously problematic placement because Virgo is all about functionality. As Virgo is not much about sexuality, people with Lilith tend to suppress it. Your greatest fear is failure, as Virgo likes to feel that they are contributing to work and not sitting idle. Many men and women with the placement of Lilith in Virgo might be impotent or just unable to perform sex due to the fear of failure of sex. Virgo is all about balance, and Lilith is not, resulting in energy conflicts.

Moreover, with the placement of Lilith in Virgo, you could feel envious of the success of other people. You want success to kiss your feet, and you want to soar the skies. Issues with health and hygiene can also occur with Lilith in Virgo, especially in your childhood.

You must learn to be kind with yourself and people as Lilith in Virgo can make you fall all over the place.

Lilith In Libra
Libra is ruled by Venus and is all about beauty and perfection. Thus, here the Lilith can be obsessed with finding perfection. Also, with Lilith in Libra, you have a propensity to gamble! Not only this, but as Libra is a sign that appreciates beauty, you might ridicule people who are not beautiful and do not have it all together. You do this because you fear to not have it all together.
Another fear that stems to surface with Lilith in Libra is fear of loneliness. Thus, you would go to any level to make peace with your partner to avoid loneliness. You tend to overly sacrifice in your relationships and blame yourself if something goes wrong. You shall avoid this self-destructive behavior as everything is not your fault!

Another thing with this placement is that you focus too much on how you appear to the world. Moreover, you judge people on their perfection quotient. You prefer sophisticated, refined, and upper elite people as your friends. However, dear Libra, you shall avoid finding perfection in everything as it does not exist.

If you have Lilith in your sign, Libra, you also tend to overly please others by sacrificing yourself away. At times you tend to boost your ego by ignoring others. You need to discover a middle ground to please yourself and satisfy others at the same time.

Lilith In Scorpio
Lilith in Scorpio is intense. It is a highly powerful placement. The Lilith is at home in Scorpio. However, this placement can make you highly secretive. It can also make you obsessed with being manipulative with your partners. Also, you feel obsessed with having a kinky sex with your partner. Your sexuality is open to taboo, fetish, and wild experimentation. There will be playing with numerous sex toys as well.

For Scorpios with Lilith in their sign, life becomes a game. It is everything about power. The Lilith in Scorpio needs to find partners that it can save as such people feel the fear of loss. Such people need to be saved, but they save.

Lilith In Sagittarius
With the Lilith is Sagittarius, you tend to attract dangerous people. It is because Sagittarius is open to new people, things, and ideas that can attract strangers from other countries, places, or religions. However, you do not need such dangerous people in your life to complicate situations.

Also, Lilith in Sagittarius is a fighter for feminism. It is because it has taken out a powerful crusade for feminism. Sagittarius is all about meaning and higher philosophy. Meanwhile, the fear of Lilith in Sagittarius is meaninglessness. Hence, to tackle the fear, they find their philosophies. If you have Lilith in Sagittarius, you will develop the existential meaning of life, trying to find out the reason behind everything. Often paranormal seekers have Lilith in Sagittarius.

Lilith In Capricorn
With Lilith in Capricorn, your greatest fear is fear of neglect. It is because you hate to be neglected and neglect. Being ruled by Saturn, you understand how to tend to things. Saturn is all about the 3D world and all the systems and structures.

The people with Lilith in Capricorn try to control everything. Capricorn is the archetype of the boss, and it is best to not try to control everything as it cannot be.

Also, Lilith in Capricorn is highly sensual physically. It wants to kiss and hold, as Capricorn is a highly sensual star sign.

Lilith In Aquarius
Aquarius is the sign of innovation and eccentricity. Hence, in Aquarius, the fear of Lilith is powerlessness. It gives you tremendous power, but what you do with that power is up to you.

Also, an Aquarius often tends to be aloof, but with Lilith in Aquarius, such people try to fit in groups but fail to do so. It is also because Lilith empowers you with unique qualities.

However, instead of feeling ashamed of your qualities and trying to fit in with different people, you shall associate with similar people. Also, do not chase people who don’t accept you. Moreover, Lilith in Aquarius leads you to be open to threesomes and possess eccentric sexual beliefs.

Lilith In Pisces
Lilith in Pisces enhances the fear of vulnerability. You try to seek balance but fail to do so. Lilith wants to elope Pisces due to being unhappy or feeling traumatic. It pushes you into a fantasy world, away from the real one. All your minor bad experiences are also traumatic for you. You tend to do the extreme of the simplest of things. It can foster feelings of depression.

However, you tend to inhibit reality and continue the addictions or bad habits and keep living in your fantasy world. You need therapy to come out of your fantasy world and find beauty in your realities.

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