Timing in Vedic Astrology

Tithis:Tithis are lunar days, which measure the Kalas or positions of the Moon. Each lunar day or Tithi average a little shorter than one solar day, - 23 hours and 37 minutes.There are 371 Tithis in a normal year. The Tithis, however, are irregular in length because Moon's rate of motion is irregular.

It varies from 11 to 15 degrees a day. This means that an actual Tithi may be a little longer or shorter than a day. When the Moons rate of motion is fast, there may be 2 Tithis in 1 day. A Tithi may therefore be skipped in the calendar (called "kshaya" Tithi in the Panchanga). When the Moon's rate of motion is slow, which is more rare, the same Tithi may occur on 2 consecutive days ("vriddha" Tithi). There 15 types of Tithis, divided into two groups relative to the waxing and waning Moon, creating a total of 30.

It arose through the influence of Vedic Sidereal astrology, but also argues that the original Western Astrology was a sidereal system. We may, therefore, call Vedic Astrology "Eastern Sidereal Astrology".


some auspicious Tithis :

Tithis, which belong to group "Purna", are generally very favorable (except the day of the new Moon). They allow maximum development to occur. This group consists from Panchami (fifth), Dashami (tenth), Purnima (fifteens). Those, which belong to Nanda (1, 6, 11) and "Bhadra" (2, 7, 12) groups, are considered as generally auspicious.

some inauspicious Tithis:

Tithis, which belong to group "Rikta", are generally inauspicious, and are not to be used for any important actions. This group consists from Chaturthi (fourth), Navami (ninth), Chaturdashi (fourteens). Also day of new Moon and day after new Moon (the first) are generally unfavorable. Many astrologers also reject sixth, the eight in particular, and the twelfth days for important actions. Tithis starting with the twelfth (Dvadashi) of the dark half of the Moon are generally avoided for important actions as they are generally regarded as unfavorable.

qualities of the fifth and tenth Tithis:

Tithi is a very favorable day for all good actions: travel, gaining wealth and giving gifts, performing religious ceremonies and practices, putting on gemstones, meditation, study, gaining occult knowledge, fasting, healing. Good for worship of Shiva and Shakti, as they wear the crescent Moon on their heads. Also good for learning and the worship of Sarasvati. Not favorable for negative actions or actions requiring force such as punishment.

Dashami (tenth) Tithi is very favorable. Good for travel, putting on gems or new clothes, marriage, ceremonies and parties, income, vehicles and houses, study and learning, all healing actions, and for visiting important people. The bright Tithi (the tength0 is perhaps the most fortunate of all Tithis and is good for all expansive ventures. At this point the cosmic masculine energy (Shiva) reaches its strongest power. On the dark Tithi (the 25-th), the cosmic feminine power (shakti0 is strongest, and is good for the worship of the Devine Mother.