Aspectual Strength

This is complicated as it considers major and minor aspects according to the exact arc of aspect (see section on Planetary Aspects).phpects of benefics are counted as positive,those of malefics as negative. The special aspects of planets are given additional weight. Yet this whole factor is reduced so much in weight

that it seldom counts for as much as 30 points positively or negatively! It becomes one of the least important of the Shadbalas, on par with Decanate Strength. This is also quite out of keeping with the strength of planetary aspects given in general chart readings in Vedic Astrology.

Hence, even though considering aspectual strength as part of Shadbala, we must still consider it in the chart itself as a factor of its own weight apart from Shadbala.

We must also consider the question of malefics and benefics. It only considers their natural, not their temporal status, nor their location. An aspect from Saturn may be good in the case of a Libra Ascendant wherein it is a temporal benefic. Or one from Saturn in Libra where it is exalted may give benefit from the exaltation.

Secondly, aspects do not simply cancel each other out. Each may do something else. Saturn's aspect on Moon may give detachment, while that of Jupiter may give wisdom. The aspects may work together, and do not simply neutralize each other. Such factors as whether planets are hemmed in by malefics or benefics are not counted in Shadbala.

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