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Virgo Love Compatibility Horoscope 2017

Virgo Compatibility for 2017

Jupiter would be in the house of Leo for the first half of 2017. This would bring about many beginnings and ends in your relationships. You would be making life-changing decisions based on your compatibility with your present partner. Jupiter moving into the house of Virgo later on would bring about new avenues of love and relationship in your life.

Saturn placed in the house of Gemini till June 2017 would bring about a sense of insecurity as far as your relationships are concerned. However its movement into the house of Cancer later on would bring new harmonious and compatible relations for you.

Love and affection would increase and kindle betterment in ties with partner and loved ones when Uranus moves over to the house of Pisces around March 2017. For quite sometime now, Virgo natives would have experienced a restricted love experience and would have settled down even with an incompatible relationship .It would have been due to duty or other family commitments. Now after April, 2017 your love experience would have much freedom and choice.

The trials in compatibility you had with your partner shall now not be seen for quite sometime. Your relationships shall stand the test of time. The single ones among the Virgos would find the period conducive for getting married or entering into a compatible relationship. The already married ones would find new romance and sparkle in their life together.

Best and Worst compatibility signs for 2017

Your most compatible signs for 2017:

    Capricorn, Scorpio,

    Pisces, Taurus, Cancer.

Your least compatible signs for 2017:



Best and Worst love match signs for 2017

Best Virgo Love Match for 2017:


    Aries and Aquarius.

Worst Virgo Love Match for 2017:


    Sagittarius and Libra.

There would be many possibilities for passion and emotions to run high in your relationships. Many of the Virgo natives would go in for non-secular partners who are well-educated and refined with life making compatible relationships for the long run. Natives would settle with the soul-mate of their life, some might seem they have a past-life connection and the like.

Marriage is not a must for many single Virgos for the year as they would be quite content with a potential partner who is just compatible enough for a romantic relationship. They do not yet want to enter into any sort of commitment for now.

Your social life might come in for some criticism thanks to your over-discrimination in relationships. This might be the effect of one of your past bad relationship. For some of you in marriage, your relationship might head in for a stormy weather around the year-end. However if the Virgos stick to their stand then they are in for a total surprise with a compatible partner and much time for enjoyment and indulgence.

Virgo singles compatibility:

The Virgo singles would have umpteen partners to spend their time with this year, that compatibility would not be a big issue. However at the end of the day someone quite compatible finally gets into your radar and you would be quick to analyse this person if he or she is worth your relationship.

Virgo in a relationship compatibility:

The going would be quite easy for the Virgos already married or those in a relationship. You would be able to lead a very compatible relationship with them this year as you are quick to shower everything on them. But then make sure that you have your freedom in life too.

Virgo compatibility:

Virgo people are advised compatible relationship with those born under the signs of Aries, Capricorn and Aquarius for year 2017. If you take time to understand each other without hurrying on the relationship then there would be bless. Also it is better to avoid people under the sun signs of Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces in 2017. They might bring about heartbreaks through the year.

Virgo Love compatibility:

The start of the year would bring about some incompatibility issues and heartbreaks with partner for Virgo natives. But then time heals everything. Around the middle of 2017 you would be able to bounce back to yourself with a very compatible partner in life. Your social life would also get a good boost in that period.

Virgo Romance compatibility:

The year 2017 promised good tidings for Virgo natives as far as compatibility in their romantic life is concerned. The single ones would experience many emotional, sensuous and compatible moments for the year. Try to spend quality time wit your partner to bring about better compatibility in romantic side. Give your love unconditionally and see your relationship grow to new levels as the year progresses.

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