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Findyourfate   .   28 Oct 2022   .   2 mins read

Many publications have been hogging the limelight with their forecasts about the future of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and several seem to contradict each other. Some say, that Putin with all his military might  and prowess would win the war for his country. Yet some have been predicting that Ukraine with the support of umpteen countries around the world including many super-powers would cake-walk to victory. May the mighty one win and truth prevail. With all the climax surrounding the war waged over Ukraine, there is the question looming around in almost all of our minds, if we are in the brink of experiencing a nuclear attack by Russia over Ukraine.

To draw an analogy, let us draw the planetary configurations when the nuclear bomb attack took place on Hiroshima and Nagasaki way back in 1945. Then the Sun was very close to Pluto and Neptune and Pluto had been long in sextile relationship. Coming to the present scenario, Sun would come in close contact with Pluto in Capricorn somewhere around the start of 2023 and Neptune and Pluto are already in sextile. Does it indicate an imminent similar nuclear attack?

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Putin-led Russia started on the 24th of February 2022 at 05:00 am. The chart erected for the above timing has an uncanny semblance to the first shots fired during world war II on the 1st of September, 1939, 04:45 AM. Then Uranus was in Taurus and is now in the same spot. Actually Mars, Venus and Pluto are currently transiting the Mars of world war II date.

And there seems to be a hotspot at 11 Aquarius for Pluto and Pluto now in Capricorn would be leaving Capricorn in March 2023. Around this time, Putin, the ruler of Russia is most likely to lose power as transit of Pluto is always connected to the losing of power by super powers. 

Have you ever noticed that the glyph of Pluto more or less resembles a mushroom cloud, the symbol of a nuclear attack?

Ukraine became an independent nation on t he 24th of August, 1991 and hence has its Sun posited in Virgo. Putin is a Libra by sun sign, and Libras are generally noted for their diplomatic and balanced approach, why then he is relentless in annexing Ukraine with no trace of any tactful or diplomatic inkling. Only time has to answer this as well the other planetary positions in his natal chart has to be studied. But do note that Ukraine’s Sun in Virgo and Putin’s Sun in Libra are in semi-sextile relationship (30 deg) which seems to be a tough combination.

Generally transits of Saturn are followed by major political upheavals. Saturn last transited to the house of Aquarius during the last days of April, 2022. Hence we are in a crucial period as far as this rift between Russia and Ukraine is considered.

Putting together all the data, like the charts of Putin, Zelensky, the natal charts of Russia and Ukraine and the United Nations it seems that the chances of an imminent Nuclear attack is very rare. However this conflict might continue through the year 2023 with major losses on both the sides and power swings across the globe.

May the Great  Lord grant wisdom to the leaders involved on both sides to come to the table for peace talks and spare the lives of millions of innocent natives.

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