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Findyourfate   .   07 Mar 2023   .   5 mins read

What does it mean when the Moon is void?

It means the transiting Moon is not making any aspects with the other planets. This implies that the Moon is devoid of the impacts of other planets and looks as if there are no strings attached and is hanging there above all by itself. And this phase of the Moon generally happens for a couple of hours at a stretch and sometimes might extend to a days’ time.

How does the Void of Course of Moon affect us?

When the Moon is void of course, it is not under the aspect of any other planet and hence the energy of the Moon would be very low. Hence we are advised to lay low and slow down when the Mon goes void of course. During this period our emotions cannot be channelled properly and just gets embroiled within us, hindering the proper expression of our feelings and emotions. 

Dos and Don'ts During Moon void of Course


During a Void Moon, keep yourself clean by taking a shower.

Write down how you feel.

Lay low, stay close to home.

This is a good time for some self-care routines.

Get ample rest and sleep.

Meditate or practice some simple exercises that are not strenuous.


When the Moon is Void, just remain idle, do not do anything.

Do not go out with partner or on a date.

Do not start any new venture.

Do not make any important connects or  communications.

Do not sign anything.

Do not pursue physical strains.

Do not attend any interviews or competitions.

So what’s all the hype about the Void of Moon…

When the Moon is void in any zodiac sign, it means that the Moon is without any aspects to the other planets. As there are no proper connections around, any attempt you make would ultimately fail when pursued during this period. Do note that the Void of Course of Moon period does not spell doom always. It’s just that things do not get connected or wired correctly and there would be occasional snaps here and there. 

During the Void of Course of Moon period, you can pursue things or works that are quite routine and do not ask for an end result immediately. Actually speaking void of Moon periods improve your individuality and your creativity for the better. This is a time when you try to break barriers and learn some important life lessons.

Void of Course Moon periods extent for periods like say a few minutes or few hours to about a day or so. When the period extends for more than 10 hours, the impact would be felt much more, hence make the most of this time. However do not resort to more activity, instead go it slow, be quiet and lay low. 

Void of Course Moon Periods in the Zodiac signs

Depending on what zodiac sign the Moon is going to dash into once the void period is over, there are certain things that we ought to avoid doing, here are some tips on this:

Void of Course in Aries:

When a void Moon is ready to enter the zodiac sign of Aries, do not start anything new. Of course, the Aries energy is all about impulsiveness and the urge to start something. But then the energy of the Void Moon does not support the same. Once the Moon gets into Aries, you can get along with starting spree.

Void of Course in Taurus:

When a Void Moon is about to enter the sign of Taurus, stay away from any money dealings. If you spend money on anything around this time, it would be a waste of resources. Once the Moon enters the sign, you can go ahead with your investment plans or money games.

Void of Course in Gemini:

As a Void Moon is about to enter Gemini, do not make any communications or try any sort of connect with others. Do have your ideas to yourself and wait for the Moon to enter the sign when your ideas would get across the table without any hassles.

Void of Course in Cancer:

When a Void Moon is about to enter the sign of Cancer, do not get into any emotional situations. Do not make any family connects or house repairs. It is best to resort to some self-care routines.

Void of Course in Leo:

When the Void Moon is to enter the sign of Leo, avoid the spotlight, because you might enter the wrong arena. Your negatives might be brought to the fore, instead while way your time by taking a break or nap.

Void of Course in Virgo:

When the void moon heads towards the zodiac sign of Virgo, do not get into helping others, because more often it would be misunderstood. Any type of healing routine should also be  avoided, but then you can get onto organizing your stuff that gives you peace.

Void of Course in Libra:

When the Void Moon is about to enter the sign of Libra, do not enter into any sort of mediation, negotiations or just about anything that is legal. Also not a time to connect with your partner or spouse, things might not work the way you intended.

Void of Course in Scorpio:

As the Moon which is void gets ready to enter the sun sign of Scorpio, do not try to expose a truth nor get into any accounting of sorts. Instead try some romantic stuff with partner.

Void of Course in Sagittarius:

When the void moon is to enter the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, do not travel nor make any travel plans. If at all you travel, you would not fully experience it, wait for the Moon to enter the sign.

Void of Course in Capricorn:

As the void Moon is ready to enter the zodiac sign of Capricorn, do not take any initiative with regard to your business or career. Also do not give any final touches to your ventures during this time, wait for the Moon to enter the sign.

Void of Course in Aquarius:

When the void moon is about to enter the sign of Aquarius, do not attend any social events nor any spiritual pursuits. Instead lay low and take good rest.

Void of Course in Pisces:

When the void moon is heading to the sign of Pisces, avoid giving advice to others. Your intuition would be off-tune during this time and it wont make sense to others. Wait for the Moon to enter the sign to pursue your dreams.

2023 Void of Course Moon dates

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