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Findyourfate   .   07 Jan 2023   .   3 mins read

What does it mean when a planet is Combust

When a planet comes very close to the Sun during its orbit around the Sun, the enormous heat of the Sun would burn the planet. Hence it would lose its power or strength and would not have its full strength, this is  said to make a planet combust. In a chart, the combust planets are considered to be very weak and lose their strength or purpose. The native might get frustrated or lose stability in that area being ruled over by the planet. The combust planet is always found in the same house as that of the Sun.

Combust Degrees of Planets

When the planets are placed within these degrees on either side of the Sun they get combust. As a thumb rule 10 degrees on either side of the Sun is taken for all the planets in astrological studies. 







Key Points with regard to Combustion

A planet cannot be retrograde and combust at the same time, as the retrograde motion takes the planet away from the Sun.

When both the Sun and the combust planet are benefic planets then their effects would be benefic.

Astrological remedies for combust planets include chanting mantras, obeisance to the planet and wearing gemstones to appease the planet.

The Nodes of the Moon, namely Rahu and Ketu never ever get combust.

When a planet is exalted, or in its own house, or in friendly houses then the effect of the combustion would be minimal.

When a combust planet is aspected by a benefic planet like Moon, Venus, Mercury or Jupiter, it gets strong.

Combustion Effects of the planets

The effects when the planets get into combustion are :

Moon:  the luminary Moon rules over our mind and emotions and when it gets combust by its proximity to the Sun it would give restlessness and loss of peace for the native.

Mars: Mars, the fiery red planet is all about courage, power and strength. When it gets combust, we would lack courage in life and  would not be able to defend ourselves.

Mercury: Mercury, the messenger rules over our communications and the way we communicate with others and when it gets combust there would be misunderstanding of our communication to the audience.

Jupiter: Jupiter is a benefic planet, rules over expansion, material resources and wealth. When Jupiter gets combust there would be loss of hope in life, the native gets frustrated. Atheistic tendencies are found in such natives.

Venus: Venus is the planet of love and compassion. When Venus is combust, it makes the native feel that he or she is not much loved or appreciated. They feel themselves of less in value when compared to others.

Saturn: Saturn, the disciplinarian when combust makes it difficult to cope with routine life when combust.  Natives might be asked to shoulder much responsibilities that they cannot handle.

Result of the Lordship of Combust Planets

When a planet is so close to the Sun, it loses its potential and gets combusted. When such a combust planet is found in a house it either weakens or harms the house that it rules. Here are the results that related to the Lordship of the combust planets:

The 1st  lord when combust can give ill heath.

The 2nd  lord combust can weaken family ties and relationships.

The 3rd  lord combust makes relationships with younger siblings quite difficult.

The 4th  lord combust causes mother and maternal relationships to suffer.

The 5th lord when combust gives trouble with children or difficulty in begetting them.

The 6th lord combust troubles our immune system and gives diseases quite often.

The 7th lord combust gives a troubled marriage.

The 8th lord combust lessens ones’ longevity.

The 9th lord combust is harmful for the father and paternal connections.

The 10th lord when combust brings about career hindrances.

The 11th lord when combust gives friendship troubles and problems with elder siblings.

The 12th lord when combust brings about feelings of solitude to the native.

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