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Findyourfate   .   29 Dec 2022   .   2 mins read

Ever wondered what the numbers represent in the zodiac placements of your birth chart? Well, these are called as degrees and indicate the exact position of the planets when you were born. Degrees indicates how far the planet is in a particular zodiac sign. If your chart says that the Sun is at 27 degrees, then we can say that in a day or two the Sun would move to the next zodiac house. Degrees also indicate the aspect relationship between planets and houses.

Each zodiac cycle starts at 0 degrees and ends at 29 degrees which is also known as the Anaretic degree which marks endings of the areas being ruled by the house or the planet under question. Degrees greatly help in interpreting natal charts.

Here is a  list of each degree and the meaning of that degree. This is just a brief meaning and while studying a chart, many other things are to be collectively considered.

0° - Marks the beginning of a new cycle, this is a critical degree and indicates starting all over again.

1° - Aries / Mars: car engines, abuse, sports, military, weapon, anger, business, speed, red color, first, arguments, war.

2° - Taurus / Venus: containment zones, small spaces, wealth, forest, trees, food, luxuries, voice, singing, green, earth.

3° - Gemini / Mercury: pairs, siblings, hands, double, local, small town, neighbourhood, groups, birds, tea, friends, yellow.

4°- Cancer / Moon: mother, home, public, crowd, water, domestic affairs, white, critical degree.

5°- Leo / Sun: strong, royal, leader, high school, fun, athletics, work-outs, outdoors, hill, family, mountain, view, hair, ego, children.

6° - Virgo / Mercury: health, “ex”, sickness, work, routine, pets, hospitals, doctors, manual service.

7° - Libra / Venus: beauty, luxury items, jewellery, fashion, couples, music, art, marriage, justice, associates, legal, courtrooms. 

8° - Scorpio / Pluto: secrets, death, sex, insurance, taxes, jealousy, pregnancy, womb, others’ belongings.

9° - Sagittarius / Jupiter: college, borders, professors, foreign, travel, archery, plans.

10° - Capricorn / Saturn: public office, public official, coal, slow, delay, black, shadow side, depression.

11° - Aquarius / Uranus: interruptions, divorce, high places, flying, airports, high tech, engineers, helping others, friends, networks, organizations, electricity. 

12°- Pisces / Neptune: swimming, water, disguises, illusions, missing, rain, flood, out of focus, misplaced, unclear, foggy.

Degrees 1 to 12 align with the zodiac cycle, gets reset to Aries from 13 degrees and goes on…

13° Aries: critical degree.

14° Taurus

15° Gemini: assassinations, killings.

16° Cancer

17° Leo: critical degree.

18° Virgo

19° Libra

20° Scorpio: jealousy, revenge.

21° Sagittarius: roads, new places, critical degree.

22° Capricorn: destruction, critical degree.

23° Aquarius:  cut

24° Pisces

25° Aries

26° Taurus: critical degree.

27° Gemini

28° Cancer

29° Leo: kingdoms, critical degree.

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