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Asteroid Vesta

Vesta is the second largest asteroid after Ceres that is present in the asteroid belt. It is the first asteroid that was visited by a Spacecraft. Being visible to the naked eye, this is the brightest asteroid in the sky. It was discovered in  1807. It is a dwarf planet present between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. Vesta is one among the four major asteroids used in astrological studies, the other three being Ceres, Pallas and Juno.

Mythology behind Vesta

Ancient Romans considered Vesta to be the guardian of the scared fire they worshipped during the start of the Spring season. She is one of the three Virgin Goddesses being revered by the Romans. It is said that the Romans had Virgins who took guard over the sacred fire till around their 30th year. Some of them chose to remain Virgins all through their life even denying handsome suitors. Vesta is said to be the daughter of Saturn.

The Astrology of Vesta

In astrology Vesta is said to spend about 9 months in each zodiac sign. It represents our spirituality. How we take care of our commitments and sacrifices in life. It also deals with our sexual energy, how we express or suppress it. Vesta is strong when found in the zodiac signs of Virgo and Leo and weak when in Libra or Pisces.

The position of Vesta in the zodiac sky indicates what in life lights us up. It also denotes our special devotion. If you have Vesta in Leo you would cherish the limelight and if it is in the sign of Sagittarius then you would have an undying passion for spirituality and adventure.

Understanding the placement of the asteroid Vesta in our natal chart would help us to find our own sacred passion and what we tend to give importance in life. Find here what it means for Vesta to be placed in the 12 zodiac signs:

Vesta in Aries

When you have asteroid Vesta placed in the sign of Aries, you would be very stubborn, assertive and would go to any length to protect your individuality. You would be constantly motivated and excited  towards your goal. You start things with much pomp and would have a high degree of self-confidence. Make sure that you do not sacrifice your ideals and goals for others in life. Natives with Vesta are good when they work alone and they like to lead if in a group. However ,you might be left alone if you fend for yourself. Sticking to your own will power would be your great forte.

Positive Trait: Selfless

Negative Trait: Too sacrificial

Vesta in Taurus

If you happen to have Vesta in the sign of Taurus, then you would strive for stability and would love to live life to the fullest. You would be more than willing to make certain sacrifices in order to improve your worldly life. You love to play with financial resources, would be indulgent and at the same time trying to bank on it too. You are known to work hard through commitment and focus. You are a determined and steady player in the work field. But then they ought to give in their stubborn nature a break. Physical intimacy means a lot to these natives.

Positive Trait: Respect for resources

Negative Trait: Hoarding

Vesta in Gemini: 

Got Asteroid Vesta placed in the zodiac sign of Gemini? This indicates that your mind rules you and you are well able to communicate with others. This would be the key that connects you and helps in exchanging your ideas. Natives would be at their best when they are given the freedom to express their opinions and idea quite frankly without any inhibitions. You are well-versed in networking and connecting. However, your over-confidence and relying on your intellect might trip you over, be cautious. You would be stimulated by words.

Positive Trait: Friendly

Negative Trait: Scatter brain

Vesta in Cancer: 

If you have got Vesta placed in the zodiac sign of Cancer, then emotions mean a lot and you value the emotional needs of others as well. Your emotional intelligence would be quite high and you love caring and nurturing of others. But then make sure that your empathy does not spoil your self-care nor you are being utilized by others. Natives are committed to their works. They yearn for security in relationships. They are hypersensitive at times though which ought to be curbed.

Positive Trait: Loyal

Negative Trait: Smothering

Vesta in Leo: 

With Vesta asteroid placed in the zodiac sign of Leo, you are good in expressing yourself both creatively and persuasively. You do what your heart says and you don’t bother about others nor their opinions. You are a very generous personality influencing people who come your way. You are honest, straightforward and is a hard worker towards success. Nothing can stop your pursuits. You make a good people-person. However ,you rely on constant admiration and gratification for your growth.

Positive Trait: Creative

Negative Trait: Selfish

Vesta in Virgo: 

When asteroid Vesta is placed in the sign of Virgo, you have an inclination towards cleanliness, health and better organisation. You love to serve others around and seek perfection in everything you do. You are critical in nature as well. But then you need to have a balance over your OCD and learn to enjoy the good things in life. You are a hard worker and sometimes might overwork which might get you out of spending quality play time with family.

Positive Trait: Efficient

Negative Trait: Picky and critical

Vesta in Libra: 

When you have asteroid Vesta placed in the sign of Libra, you have a knack to deal with people. You understand others well and get along with them in ease. You like to be part of a group always and socialising comes naturally to you. But then you need to have quality time for yourself and your loved ones as well. You seek justice and equality around. Peers and colleagues make good companions for you. You are diplomatic and tactful but when not appreciated you lose yourself. You need to have a good balance in your sexual life.

Positive Trait: Committed

Negative Trait: Yielding

Vesta in Scorpio: 

If Vesta is placed in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, then you have a tendency to look deeper into hidden things and secrets. You take life as a natural course and do not like superfluous things. Intimacy , sex, and privacy mean a lot to you. You are very intense in nature and do not like when others try to manipulate you. You love sexual intimacy more than romantic moves , You are found to be more committed to your relationships.

Positive Traits: Strong-willed

Negative Traits: Jealous

Vesta in Sagittarius: 

When Vesta is placed in the sign of Sagittarius in your natal chart , independence and freedom is all you want in life. You value philosophy, spirituality and adventures . You are very natural and highly optimistic. You look out for problems to solve and would love to see things evolve naturally. You yearn to find and live the purpose your life. However ,you find it quite difficult to look into others ideals. You want honesty and commitment in your relationships.

Positive Trait: worldly knowledge

Negative Trait: Not bothered about others

Vesta in Capricorn: 

If you have asteroid in the sign of Capricorn in your natal chart, then you are found to be good in organising things. You work hard towards your goals and like to have things in order. You are serious with your commitments and your determination is quite commendable. Make sure that the sacrifices you make do not hide you from the good things that life has to offer. You are highly ambitious and ask for commitment and stability in a relationship.

Positive Trait: Resourceful

Negative Trait: Misuse of power

Vesta in Aquarius: 

When Vesta is in the house of Aquarius, natives are found to be highly transformative. They would be very humble to the core but is very critical. Friendships mean a lot to you. You do not like to be controlled in any manner and freedom and respect for your individuality are your core needs. You love to work for a social or humanitarian cause. But rebel against any sort of authority or restrictions. You love unconventional forms of relationships and sexual intimacy.

Positive Trait: Objective

Negative Trait: Fanatic

Vesta in Pisces: 

Vesta in the sign of Pisces in a birth chart means that you are very emotional and empathetic in nature. You love to motivate others and stay motivated as well. You show the potential in others. However, you need your own personal space as well. You are highly creative and intuitive in nature. You love to work in anything related to service of humanity. And you are found to break from your commitments and is a scatter brain. You sacrifice yourself wholly for any just cause you believe. For you relationships, sexuality and intimacy are entwined with spirituality.

Positive Trait: Devoted

Negative Trait: Victim

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