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This is a year when Tula Rasi people would need to strike a good balance between their personal and professional ambitions. There would be problems galore for you through the year, though things won’t long last enough. Patience and a composed stature would be the key to survival for this year. In fact, it is going to be a mixed bag of fortune and just take it in your own stride. Rahu in your 8th house of Taurus for the year would bring about unwanted expenditure of sorts. Tula Rasi natives are predicted to get gains through maternal links. Luck and fortune shall befall you through the year. Students would fare well and be successful in higher studies with overseas job prospects. Love and marriage are favorable for you with much romance on the cards. But then overall health might be below average through the year. Saturn in the 4th house of Capricorn would bring about domestic unhappiness occasionally. Mars in the 7th house is likely to bring disputes with partner at times. Mars would ensure that your career is on good track through the year 2024. Hard work and commitment would be needed in career and Saturn would give you the desired results in course of time.

Tula- Health horoscope 2024 

Tula Rasi people are not in for much good health for the year ahead. It would be a source of concern all through the year. Particularly chronic issues would be bothering you. Beware of your diet and stay physically active. Rahu or the Moon’s North Node in your 8th and Ketu or the Moon’s South Node in the 2nd house would be the major reason behind your health scares for the year. Make sure that you  relax yourself, resort to meditation and follow spiritual practices that would give you mental peace which in turn would bless you some physical relief for the year.

Tula- Love and Marriage horoscope 2024

The love and marriage prospects of Tula Rasi people would not be that good for the year ahead. Cordiality and happiness would be eluding you. Mars is likely to mar your marriage and love causing misunderstanding and rifts with partner. The first half of the year would see Rahu and Mars together, and this is a potent combination that interferes with your relationships. Add to this relatives and in-laws might interfere with your love and marriage further bringing in bitterness. However Tula singles would find the year favourable to locate their ideal partner for life. Mid-year might bring betterment and as the year progresses the Libra folks would be able to better understand their partner. If you are in love, then this would be the ideal period for you to confess or propose to your lover. Your love and commitment towards spouse or partner would get enhanced as the year unwinds.

Tula-  Finance horoscope 2024 

Tula Rasi people or Libra Moon sign natives are in for good finances for 2024. Your financial standing would be lifted up and overall prosperity is assured. All through the year you are assured gains in all your endeavors. Particularly things shall get better  for the second and third quarter of the year. Mid-year would bring about mixed financial conditions for the natives. Libra people might meet with unforeseen expenditure for the period. There would be expenses due to medical treatments for native and family. This might make a dent in your savings and dissuade chances for investments. Social and charity works would also ask for a better part of your finances that you would be left with nothing to save. Rahu in the 8th house would be causing financial hardships for the year. Being thrifty and keeping a tab of your finances would save you from some tough financial conditions this year.

Tula-  Career horoscope 2024 

Tula people would have a wonderful period as for as  their career is concerned. Mars in the 10th house ensures that there would be good growth and development in this aspect of your life. Tula people would see huge success around the middle of the year. But natives are asked not to rest on their laurels and to keep working hard with commitment. If they let their guard down then things might start falling apart in the career scenario. Watch  out for your temper when dealing with higher-ups and colleagues in work place. This year is very favorable for the natives to make a switch if that had been on their mind of late. Businesses would also fare well but not for joint ventures. It would be a risk to pump in much finances for the year ahead. Some Tula folks are likely to settle down in overseas careers this year. The second half of the year would be brining in major changes in your work area. Refrain from any office politics and stay clear off of frauds and false friends for the year ahead.

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