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The asteroid Sappho  was found in the year 1864 and named after  the renowned Greek lesbian poet Sappho.  History has it that a lot of her works got burned.  In a birth chart, Sappho signifies the talent for the arts, particularly with words. The freedom to express one's sexuality and the right to act sensually as one chooses is ruled over by the asteroid Sappho.  Sappho  is all about poetry, access to one's feminine side, libido, and how we connect words with sexuality. 

The location of Sappho in your birth chart might reveal your  poetical abilities and how you can captivate others, particularly women.   Asteroid Sappho also rules over strong friendships. The sign and house placements and aspects to your natal Sappho can show how you are with expressing your true sexual self, along with how devoted you may be to your friends. A strong natal Sappho can mean you’re someone who attracts many people to you and is fairly comfortable as you are to others. So, here’s what it means to have the asteroid Sappho placed in your zodiac signs:

Sappho in Aries

You have this asteroid placed in the zodiac sign of Aries. This indicates that you are generally attracted to those who are very independent and lively. Particularly you are attracted to women who are direct and feisty. You are good in depicting the human body in your artworks and your poetry would be how you perceive the world and how you want to lit it up. With Sappho in the first house of Aries, you would be very intelligent and agile. You would be a source of inspiration  for others to follow. 

Celebrities with Sappho in Aries:

• Tennyson 

• Rachael Meadow 

Sappho in Taurus

The Asteroid Sappho is posited in the zodiac sign of Taurus for you. This points out that you would be attracted towards females who have nice hair, glowing skin and enticing dimples. With this placement of Sappho, you would be equally attractive as well. You are adept in creating art forms that gives self confidence to the audience. In a way your art would entice people and please them. Some of the bedroom paintings of the rich and famous are know to be your works. You have a beautiful voice as well which would make you a sensation or attract those interested in singing.

Celebrities with Sappho in Taurus:

• Maya Angelou

• Emily Dickinson 

Sappho in Gemini

With Sappho in the zodiac sign of Gemini you would be naturally drawn to females who are emotional, sensitive and very caring. You just need a companion with whom you can share anything for hours together without them getting bored. You do not like boring women and just need a chat companion. Your creations would be impressive in the art field and it would make others smile. You like people who are great in motivating others. You are a versatile person who is quite innovative and energetic that women would be simply drawn towards you with this placement of Sappho.

Celebrity with Sappho in Taurus

• Shelly 

Sappho in Cancer

Got Sappho in the zodiac sign of Cancer, then you would be drawn towards women who are very emotional, nurturing and caring and in whose company you would feel safe and at home. You love women who are fierce in energy and beautiful at the same time with much passion. Your art works would always be inspired by maternal relationships, your domestic life and early childhood. You draw people emotionally towards you. You are good in poetry and is  intuitive in spirit as well.

Sappho in Leo

You have the asteroid Sappho placed in the zodiac sign of Leo in your natal chart. This implies that you would be attracted towards women who are full of fun and joy and who would enjoy the limelight. You would be drawn  to people who might worship you or put you in a high pedestal. You are  a lovable and elegant personality. You have a natural inclination towards the creative areas. You have great imaginative powers that when put into work would end up in you creating great masterpieces which would make you hog the limelight. 

Celebrities with Sappho in Leo:

• Lily Tomlin 

• Martina Navratilova 

Sappho in Virgo

Got Sappho placed in the house of Virgo in your birth chart? Then you would be attracted towards women who are sensual, analytical and perfectionists. This placement of the asteroid makes you quite a bit serious about life. You are very thoughtful, and has an aptitude towards the healing side. You make a great artist and poet though you would not acknowledge this more often. You would have the ability to impart complex thought forms in your creative works that would draw you towards fame.

Celebrities with Sappho in Virgo:

• Sylvia Path

• Allen Ginsberg 

• Wanda Sykes 

Sappho in Libra

With Sappho in the sign of Libra in your natal chart, you are attracted towards women who are beautiful, intelligent, sport nice hair, is social and  involved in justice to mankind in some form or the other. You are an emotional painter, writer or singer. You would strive to bring about a good balance in a place that lacks it, mostly in the creative sense. You have a great taste towards luxury in food and living. You just enjoy the good thing sin life.

Celebrity with Sappho in Libra:

• Robert Burns

Sappho in Scorpio

You have Sappho asteroid placed in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. With this placement you are drawn towards females who are very aggressive, dynamic and trustworthy, all Scorpio traits. You are not afraid of anything in this world and is adept in covering hidden truths around. You are found to be very passionate, confident and bold. You hate boring lifestyles and believe that magic has to be created to be perceived. You yearn for the company of people who would bring about major life changes around. 

Celebrities with Sappho in Scorpio:

• T. S Eliot 

• Carl Sandburg

• William Blake 

• Billie Jean King 

Sappho in Sagittarius

Sappho is posited in the sign of Sagittarius for you. This would attract you towards women who are adventurous and bold. You would just love the life in the wild and would be interested in learning the culture about foreign countries and far off lands. You sport a good smile that would entice people. Your art works would be leaning towards philosophy and the spiritual life. You are highly skilled in creating art forms. Travel especially enthrals you and fortifies you with your dose of ideas.

Sappho in Capricorn

Do you have Sappho placed in the zodiac sign of Capricorn? Then you would be attracted to women who are very secretive and mysterious in their own ways. You would be more practical and sophisticated though. You do not share your likes and dislikes with others. You guard yourself against others and do not trust them. However, this Sappho placement would earn you repute and fame in your circle. You hide your emotional side and would contemplate on art forms and poetry. You hesitate to express your love.

Celebrities with Sappho in Capricorn:

• Walt Whitman 

• Robert Browning 

• Byron

Sappho in Aquarius

With Sappho in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the collective idea attracts you. You are more into community works and love to win the hearts of people. You dream about a better and happy future for the society at large and pitch in your efforts. You like women who are attractive , passionate  and interested in social works as well. You don’t have a bias towards relationships and it varies with your interests. You love people for their actions and simply would be attracted to intelligence of sorts.

Sappho in Pisces

You have the asteroid Sappho placed in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This points out that you are attracted towards women who are alluring, emotional and match your interests at large. By nature, you would be spiritual, caring and very creative. Your love relationships would be very deep and unfathomable. You express your inner most fears and trauma in your art forms and creative works. You are found to be very intuitive and mesmerising. You simply attract people by your charm.

Celebrities with Sappho in Pisces:

• Elizabeth Barret 

• Keats

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