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Sedna is an asteroid being assigned the number 90377 that was discovered in the year 2003. It has a diameter of about 1000 miles and is the largest planetary body located after the discovery of Pluto. It is three times further way from the Sun than Pluto is. Some astronomers call it as a Planetoid. It is the next reddish colored planet body after Mars. Hence astrologers consider Sedna as a trans-personal planet after Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Sedna is so far off into the cosmic sky that it is named after the Goddess of the Inuits which rules over the seas and is said to reign the cold arctic depths.

Inuit mythology has it that Sedna was a very beautiful young lady who was tricked to marry an evil man. Though her father made all attempts to save her, she died eventually and hence Sedna indicates the sacrifices and hardships we undergo in life. Sedna in astrological studies indicates the troubles and problems we might come across and how we can tackle the same.

The Astrology of Sedna

Generally it takes years of research and academic studies for astrologers to tie up any planet to any particular attribute. As Sedna has been discovered of late, not much can be said about its astrological impacts as of now. Some say, that Sedna can be taken as the ruler of the zodiac sign of Pisces in addition to Neptune. Neptune, much like Sedna is also related to spirituality, the oceans and the underworld.

Asteroid Sedna spends about 100 years in each zodiac sign and hence its effects are stronger for humanity as a whole and not much on a personal level. Sedna was in the zodiac sign of Aries from 1865 to 1966. This hundred-year period saw massive reformations for women across the globe. And in 1966 Sedna moved over to the sign of Taurus and would move to the sign of Gemini in 2024 when the whole idea of the cosmos is in for a major shift. Taurus is all about earth, stability, materialism and do you see a link over here? The next 100 year transit of Sedna is most likely to influence and bring about changes in our spirituality.

Here is a brief reading on what Sedna in the different signs and houses mean:

Sedna in Aries/ First House

When Sedna is found in the sign of Aries or in the 1st house of your natal chart then it indicates that you should stick strong to your policies. Be aware of the after-effects of your actions in life. Always remember any harsh or impulsive decisions on your part would have serious consequences.

Sedna in Taurus/ Second House

If Sedna is in the zodiac sign of Taurus or is posited in the 2nd house of your chart then do note that hoarding material resources is not going to take you anywhere. Sometimes life would be dull even if you have all comforts around. Beware of over-indulgences of sorts with this placement.

Sedna in Gemini/ Third House

Sedna in the sign of Gemini or in the 3rd house of your birth chart indicates that you need to appreciate the relationship that you have with your siblings and neighbours. Acknowledge the wisdom that you have accrued through the course of your life when Sedna is in your 3rd house.

Sedna in Cancer/ Fourth House

If Sedna is posited in the sign of Cancer or the 4th house of your natal chart then it indicates that you would end up in misery if you expect much from your domestic side or family. Respect your familial ties and do not take advantage of the same. Always have pure love and commitment for your loved ones.

Sedna in Leo/ Fifth House

Asteroid Sedna in the sign of Leo or if placed in the 5th house of the natal chart points out that the native would be more selfish towards their children, their love and artistic pursuits. It makes them wanting more than what they give out.

Sedna in Virgo/ Sixth House

When Sedna is found in the sign of Virgo or placed in the 5th house of your birth chart then it alters the way you are committed to your work. It might make you yearn for maximum wages but with minimum effort from your part. Natives might also expect health but without following good diet practices.

Sedna in Libra/ Seventh house

When asteroid Sedna is placed in the sign of Libra or in the 6th house of your chart then you are prone to have unrealistic approach towards relationships, particularly you expect more from your partner than what you give. Learn to appreciate what you are destined to have rather than complaining for not having what you want.

Sedna in Scorpio/ Eighth House

Sedna in the zodiac sign of Scorpio or when found in the 7th house brings about untold selfish intentions with regard to sex and other’s money. Certain trauma might bring about major transformations in the life of natives who have Sedna in their 7th house.

Sedna in Sagittarius/ Ninth House

Sedna when placed in the sign of the Archer or when in your 8th house makes you to look down on others. You would be a fanatic towards your own culture and heritage that you do not respect that of other people. You have an unrealistic approach towards other heritages.

Sedna in Capricorn/ Tenth House

If Sedna is posited in the sign of Capricorn or in your 10th house then you are more likely to have an attitude towards your authorities in work place. You love to be pampered by them and when things go wrong you are more likely to put the blame on others around.

Sedna in Aquarius/ Eleventh house

Asteroid Sedna when in the 11th house or in the sign of Aquarius in one’s natal chart would make him or her a rebel. They would be taking advantage of their friends and would love to get more from them than they give in to their relationships or groups.

Sedna in Pisces/ Twelfth House

If Sedna is found in the zodiac sign of Pisces or in the 12th house of your natal chart then you act as if you are a saviour. You put others to great risks and then in the end would lend them a hand. You love taking revenge on others. You like to be pitied upon and is not one to forgive others easily.

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