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Hey Bulls, Welcome to 2024. The year ahead hold great promises for you. Your thirst for fun and pleasure would be satisfied this year. Quite a stable period is also forecast with all the planetary events aligned for you through the period. Keep reading, you would be blessed with an eventful time that keeps your grounded.

Uranus had been in your sign right from 2018 and would be so till 2026. Uranus has been retrograde from Tuesday, August 29, 2023 and would be retrograde to Saturday, January, 27, 2024. Again, it goes retrograde from Sunday, September 01, 2024 to Thursday, January 30, 2025 and each retrograde period lasts for about 150 days. You can expect this retrograde to shine light on your finances, your investments and your sense of financial security. The Sun enters the earthy sign of Taurus on Friday, April 19 and stays here for about a months’ time. This marks the Taurus season. With the Sun in your sign, you would be full of energy, your love life would be great and you would be able to enjoy life pleasures to the maximum without any hindrances or inhibitions.

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Venus, the lord of Taurus transits to its own house on the Monday, April 29 . For Taurus folks, Venus is the 1 st and 6th Lord. This Venus transit would bring about success in legal issues for the natives. They might be able to get rid of loans and bad debts. There is a New Moon in your own sign on Wednesday, May 8 and that can be taken as your personal New Year. This is a day when you can reflect on your life goals and your future course of action and try to visualize as to what kind of a person you would be in the ensuing period. Monday May 13, hosts the conjunction of the Sun with Uranus. Uranus in Taurus is complex and when the Sun gets into conjunction with Uranus in Taurus it indicates an earthquake that vividly exposes the fault lines of our own self. This conjunction makes you to question who you are and what’s your purpose here on earth. This is destabilizing but at the same time a liberating aspect for the natives.

Mercury would be entering the house of Taurus on Wednesday, May 15 and natives in relationships stand to benefit from this transit. There would be mutual understanding with partner and peace and harmony would prevail in your relationships with this transit. And then there is the conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter on Saturday, May 18. The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in Taurus makes us more positive and happier. It brings about good luck. This is a time when life can be lived to the fullest. Use this transit time to start school or travel to far off places. You can also try your hand in investing or starting new projects as this aspect bestows success in anything you touch. On Sunday, June 9, Mars enters the zodiac sign of Taurus. This brings about financial prosperity and much influence for Taurus folks. They would be more conscious and conscience-driven these days. A Full Moon is scheduled in Taurus on Friday, November 15. This Full Moon reminds to pay attention to your senses and stay grounded, living a simple life with not much strings attached.

Here you have the following:

• Important Events in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Events in 2024

• Tuesday, 27 January, 2024- Uranus completes retrograde in Taurus

• Friday,19 April- Sun enters Taurus

• Monday, 29 April- Venus enters Taurus

• Wednesday, May 8 – New Moon in Taurus

• Monday, May 13- Sun conjunct Uranus

• Wednesday, 15 May- Mercury enters Taurus

• Saturday, 18 May - Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus

• Sunday, 09 June- Mars enters Taurus

• Sunday 01 September, 2024 - 30 January, 2025- Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

• Friday, 15 November - Full Moon in Taurus

General Forecast

The second sign in the zodiac line-up is Taurus, an earth sign. Natives are known for their stability, patience and stubbornness. For the year 2024, Taurus folks would undergo much changes in all aspects of their lives. There would be some struggles in their career and finances, however they would come out successful. They are advised to take good care of their health through the course of the year.

The family life of the natives would get stronger this year. Some of your long unfulfilled dreams come into reality this year. All this year, the 11th house would be placed with Saturn for Taurus people. This would bless you with good gains in life. All your desires and wishes would be met. Jupiter stays in your own house till the 26th of May and then shifts to your 2nd house of Gemini. This would assure your financial prosperity. Uranus is in your homestead for all of 2024, bringing in unwelcome and revolutionary changes all the while. Neptune transits through your 11th house of Pisces and Pluto happens to transit to your 10th house of Aquarius around the end of November this year.

In 2024, Taurus folks would undergo much changes in all aspects of their lives.

There would be betterment in your professional life. The second and third quarter of 2024 would give good news with regard to your job. Finances also improve and some of you stand to buy your own dream home or luxury vehicle through the year. Personal life also forebodes goodness for the period.

Taurus men would stay more optimistic or positive during the course of the year ahead. There might be occasional troubles in their personal and professional life though. Use this time frame to make some good choices in life and also for self-care. Arm yourself for some tough times ahead as well.

This is a year when Taurus women would become more self-aware. They would be made to make some tough choices or decisions this year. Natives stand to suffer health concerns as the year proceeds, they should look out for some remedies for the same. Generally a happy period is forecast for Taurus women.

This year, there would be some weak moments around. But do not accept your defeat nor give up your hope and courage. There would be times when you would feel lost and left out. Do take a step back, find out what was wrong and then keep going. Take a fresh start and start building your castle, on solid ground though.

Health Predictions

During the year, Taurus people are advised to stay focussed on maintaining good health. Do not venture into anything that would harm your general well being, in particular get rid of unwanted bad habits and irregular food routines. Your health would be a roller-coaster ride for the year. Though hardships and occasional health issues crop up , you would stay the course. Follow some sport activity or adventure works to let go off your steam. Do not let emotions and feelings go to your head. Take things around in a better perspective and relax. Vitality is the key to goodness in life, enjoy the best things that life offers.

Stay calm and focus on your wellness.

This year your mental health also needs good care. Though you might be physically strong, you need to prove your mental mettle at times. Be determined and keep working. Through the year, be careful and cautious of your health concerns and take good care. Health of those at home also need constant monitoring through the year.

Education and Career Prospects

In the coming year, Taurus students would be amicably rewarded for their hard work and determination by the planet Saturn encourages the same. Natives are advised not to lose focus on their aims and goals in life. As the year starts, there might be some distractions for their studies owing to personal issues. But then after mid-year, they would be able to do better in their studies. Natives stand to complete competitive exams quite successfully this year. And some of you are likely to get into higher education, the most deserving ones stand to get into overseas studies as well. Do respect knowledge and those that bestow this on you and you would come out with flying colors for the year.

The year 2024 would be a positive year for Taurus people. You would be full of energy and enthusiastic with increased energy levels. But be patient and remain grounded at all times. Success comes easily to you, occasionally cool your nerves and do not get stressed much. At times you might feel discouraged or let down by others around. Do not be demotivated, stay away from all confusions, and focus on your goals. Your work would be appreciated in course of time.

Your professional path might be distracted by personal constraints this year.

This is going to be quite a blissful year in your career path. There would be major improvements on the anvil. If you have been harping for a particular position then it would be coming to you this year. Natives stand to improve their skillset by learning and garnering much knowledge. But things would not be all that rosy through the year. There might be occasional difficulties and stagnation in the job front. Do not lose your hope, as the year moves on, you would see growth. Those Taurus people into business might be able to fine- tune their business ideas now. This is also an ideal time to get into co-operative deals. Do maintain your finances and make sure that you don’t end up in losses.

Love and Family Relationships

For the year 2024, the love and marriage prospects of Taurus people looks good on all fronts. There might be potential roadblocks, however with your grit and determination you can come out of the same. The single Taurus stand to find their ideal mate and those in a relationship would be able to get married as the year moves on. Those already in a marriage would see better stability and harmony in their wedlock. Though the first quarter of the year might pose a problem in relationships, after March things shall get better. The planets of love namely Mars and Venus would guide you towards good relationship for the year 2024. And Jupiter in your house till the end of May would bring about positive results in love and marriage for Taurus folks. Occasionally there might be moments of uncertainty in your relationship, and then over time, the situations improve on their own without much hassles. There might be some cracks found in your love life this year. Use your charm and wits to win over your partner. Then about the end of the year, there might be some unforeseen situations that would change the way you decide on your relationships or marriage.

There might be issues in your relationships that can be sorted out with better communication.

The family life of Taurus folks would be good and happy for the year 2024. This might be a time of renewal of your bonds though. As the year starts, there won’t be much happening on the family front, but with the acceleration of the year, things start gradually developing. This year you would be making some major alterations or changes in the way you relate to your family. With the progress of the period, some fine-tuning, effort and commitment would be needed on your part for familial relationships to be good. At times, there might be all giving and no chance of getting. However, the sheer pleasure of being surrounded by family enthrals you. This year, new people come into your life by means of relationships or conception. The days of the year are promising in this front and you would have just a good time with family.

Financial Overview

For the year ahead, Taurus people would be blessed with good financial fortune. This period would teach them when they should be indulgent with their finances and when they should bank on their resources. The year is quite a favourable time in recent years for investing. Make some really good long-term investments. Do work seriously and committedly towards your financial goals this year. Channel your finances effectively, giving importance to properties in life. Maintain a good balance between the financial inflow and outflow. There would be mixed periods of finances all this year with highs and lows alternating. There would be sudden unwanted expenses owing to medical emergencies or other auspicious events at home. Make sure that fund inflow is better around that time. This year is also a good time for Taurus natives to acquire property and real estate. Some of you stand to inherit through legacy as well this year and your wealth increases manifold. When your 12th house gets malefic aspects through the year, there might be loss of finances. Do focus on saving funds for tackling such emergencies. In general, the year ahead would be a financial blessing for the natives if they are cautious of their financial moves.

This would be a year of mixed financials for Taurus.

Year 2024 would be the best year in recent times for buying and selling as far as Taurus people are concerned. You would be acquiring much property and vehicles this year. Those aspiring to buy machinery for their businesses would find the period feasible for the same. Investments in property deals would fetch you good returns. Do consult with family and friends before venturing out into major buying or selling.

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