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Soul Planet

In astrology, there is one planet in your natal chart which is called as the Soul Planet. In Vedic astrology, it is termed as Atmakaraka. This soul planet would rule your birth chart and holds the very essence of you and indicates the path you would take here on earth.

The Soul planet is the planet with the highest degree or longitude in your birth chart. For this only the Sun, the Moon and the planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are used. The outer planets are simply ignored because they are too far away to hold the key to our lives and the nodes because they are just imaginary points in the zodiac sky.

The Soul planet determines the following:

• The path of your journey

• The essence of your soul

• Your karmic experiences

How important is the Soul Planet in astrology?

The Soul planet is of prime importance in a natal chart. It just rules the chart and the other planets’ effects are based on the strength of the soul planet. The house where your soul planet is placed is very relevant through your entire life. And the Nakshatra or the Lunar Mansion where your soul planet is placed determines your character.

What happens if the Soul Planet is weak?

If the soul planet is found to be weak or afflicted in the natal chart, the native would most likely make some wrong decisions in life.

What if the Soul planet is malefic?

If the soul planet is a malefic then it indicates much spiritual growth and advancement in the life of the native.

Which planet is the best as a soul planet?

It is Saturn.

Find Your Soul Planet

Soul Planet- Sun

Positive Traits: Leader, creative, noble, magnetic appeal, brave

Negative Traits: arrogance, pride, dominating, misuse of power and authority.

With a soul planet of Sun, natives would steal the limelight and would be blessed with much power. They shine wherever they are. However they need to handle their ego and pride with caution. Being humble and laying low would help the natives to grow in life.

Natives are born leaders and make great motivators. Those with the Sun as the Soul Planet end up as great Politicians, actors, orators and business tycoons. Being a fiery luminary, natives just breathe fire. They have a great aura around them. They are very active and rise up to great positions of power.

Soul Planet- Moon

Positive Traits: Gentle, sensitive, emotional, creative, devoted

Negative traits: dependent, fickle-minded, needy, unstable

If you have Moon as the Soul Planet, then you would be a very compassionate and nurturing soul. You would be much aligned with family and its needs, and would have more feminine characters. You are more bent on trying to nourish people around you with a motherly love and touch. Natives however have a trouble with their boundaries. Also they should learn to measure as to what they give to others.

Natives with Soul planet of Moon do well in the fields of catering, food industry, guarding, care-taking, and Montessori teaching. Being very sensitive and emotional also makes them good in writing and some of them have grown up to great selling authors. They also have an ear for music and make better musicians. In combination with Mercury, those with soul planet of Moon have also been found to be involved in the field of healing as well.

Soul Planet- Mercury

Positive Traits: Intellect, talented, skilful, articulate

Negative Traits: antagonistic, scatter-brained, chances of lying and stealing, controversial talks

If you have Mercury as your Soul planet then you would be very intelligent and would be a Jack of all trades. How you communicate to the world around you matters a lot. Exchange of ideas either in the form of reading, writing and speaking appeals to you. You are highly skilful, but then there would be troubles in channelling the energy positively.

Natives with Mercury as the Soul Planet are good in business, administrative works, law and media fields. They fare well in different creative arts. Along with Moon some natives are adept in healing. Natives are versatile, youthful, have an eye for details and are fast-minded.

Soul Planet- Venus

Positive Traits: sensual, romantic, harmonious, refined, luxury-minded.

Negative Traits: lazy, materialistic, lustful

With a Soul Planet of Venus, natives are very artistic with a materialistic bend. They are after much wealth and pleasures of life and are highly diplomatic too. However they need to control their emotional and sensuous side. Natives are good in expressing themselves creatively.

Natives with the soul planet of Venus are all about love, peace and kindness. They breathe charm and elegance. They magnetically attract others by their beauty and wits. Natives with Venus Soul planet excel in the field of trading, sales, designing, consultants and diplomacy. They also make good teachers. There are also astrologers, investment advisors and occult practitioners with this soul planet. Venus is all about beauty and hence there is also good avenues in the fashion and beauty industry for the natives.

Soul Planet- Mars

Positive Traits: Bold, passionate, energetic, fierce, independent, powerful

Negative Traits: Aggressive, impatient and insensitive

With Mars as the Soul planet, natives are found to be very competitive and straightforward. Their main life lesson is to harness their enormous energy and channel it properly. The energy of Mars is erratic and hence they ought to practice patience and refinement. They fight for their right with all their might through thick and thin.

Natives with this soul planet excel in careers related to the physical realm like, sports, military, police and physical coaching. Mars also rules over real estates and landed properties and hence they would also do well in careers related to this. Some of the best Engineers and Mechanical people come under this category too. People with Mars as the soul planet have the knack to mend and fix things.

Soul Planet- Jupiter

Positive Traits: Smart, intelligent, inspiring, ethical and moral

Negative Traits: Dogmatic, indulgent, extremes in philosophy

When Jupiter happens to be the soul planet, the native would make a good teacher or advisor as they are adept in guiding and helping. You excel in working towards the goodness of humanity. You are a person of positive energy and love spreading it around. You are good in advising and guiding others and instil a sense of confidence in them.

Native with Jupiter as the Soul Planet make good professors, teachers, counsellors and business advisors. Natives also love to work with kids. They also have an inkling towards charity and social works and they love doing volunteer works. Jupiter as the Soul planet also makes the natives great astrologers, scholars, philosophers and law makers. In combination with Moon they are good in literature and publishing.

Soul Planet- Saturn

Positive Traits: restricted, detached, responsible, traditional

Negative Traits: very serious, cold, awkward nature

When Saturn seems to be the soul planet, people tend to be more responsible and dedicated in life. They are very disciplined, are persistent in their efforts till their goals are achieved. They bring about a structure in their lives through strenuous work. However natives ought to do the work in a more methodical way rather than slogging. They are known for their patience, humility and hard work. They have a slow and steady approach towards life.

Though there are no particular career alignments for Saturn as the soul planet, Saturn when combined with the other planets would highlight that planet’s career alignments. Natives with Saturn as Soul planet however make great thinkers. Some of the great Discoverers of yonder years have Saturn as their soul planet.

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