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This year of the Dragon would be a fortunate period for the Rabbits, however they would encounter  their  fair share of troubles and misfortunes as well. This year is going to be quite better when compared to the previous years. Be wary of sudden shifts and changes coming your way through the year. The stars are favourable for you, get yourself loaded with plenty of positive energy. Rabbits are likely to excel in their career this year and many of you have good scope for overseas career settlement. But in the frenzy to excel do not compromise on ethics and empathy. Do not take hasty decisions and avoid making mistakes. This is a year that would bless the natives with goodness in their finances. Find ways and means to save a major chunk of your money to navigate some tough financial times in the coming years. Though this would be a great period for the Rabbits, they ought to vigilant and stay prudent as potential troubles loom around occasionally.

Career Horoscope 2024 for Rabbit

Rabbits would be loaded with immense energy and power that they would do well in their career field for the year ahead. Through the year you would be reaping maximum benefits even with minimal effort and hence you can attain success easily. Those Rabbits into government services would see good growth for the year ahead. If you are a Rabbit into business then this period would bring about major changes, deviations and expansions in your ventures. Seize any opportunity that comes your way by the horns, opportunity does not knock on you twice. Proper strategy to your business would work wonders and bring you much gains and profits. Whatever may be your pursuit, for the year, Rabbits are asked to be cautious and be diligent and committed to their works. Stay away from dishonest colleagues in work place as they are likely to deviate you from success. Be steadfast through the year which would help you to excel in profession, whatever may be your pursuit of interest.

Money Horoscope 2024 for Rabbit

The finances of Rabbit would be exceptionally good for the year of Dragon. But do not expect a windfall, only hard work and commitment to work would pay you rich dividends. It is high time to find other ways to make money apart from your services, in order to increase your net-worth. Your career growth this year would go a long way in improving your financial standing quite considerably. Teamwork would also aid you in your financial growth for the year. Rabbits are likely to invest wisely in different modes like real estate, gold and bonds and reap the benefits and gains in the ensuing years. But then be cautious of speculative deals and market fluctuations that might erode your  wealth. Do a deep  research on finances and ventures in different directions thus ensuring a steady and stable inflow of funds all this year. Any amount of rushing and fraudulent deceptive schemes would land you in a soup , be wary.

Love and Marriage Horoscope 2024 for Rabbit

Rabbits are predicted with better love and marriage prospects in year 2024. Single Rabbit people would be finding their potential partner as the year moves on. Expressing your feelings and true intent would help you in settling down in a comfortable and stable relationship. Your family and friends and social circle would help you in bringing life and energy to your relationship. Rabbits are ushered to strive for compatible relations with their partner. Much emotions and sensuous moves might mar your relationship. Also Rabbits are advised not to over-indulge in their career pursuits and avoid negligence of their love or marriage. Family relationships should be given the due importance. Any sort of straying or dishonesty might cause serious irreparable damage to your relationships. Mid-year assures conjugal felicity to the married ones and chances of wedlock for the single Rabbits. Overall this is going to be a fantastic year for love and marriage of the Rabbit people.

Health Horoscope 2024 for Rabbit

In the year of the Dragon, Rabbits would enjoy  good health, devoid of major health concerns. But this does not mean that they can remain complacent, they are asked to watch out for symptoms and resort to periodic health check-ups. Accidents probable for the natives in driving and travel, hence be  cautious. Natives are also asked to be careful when they are into any sort of recreation, particularly related to water. Pay heed to the food you eat as digestive  disorders might bother you this year. Occasionally involve yourself in physical activities to keep you in good spirits and health. Make sure that you are not emotionally over-loaded through this year of the Dragon. Your immunity might be compromised at times, stay strong and get proper medical intervention when the situation warrants the same. Indulging in sports, hobbies and meditations would give you the peace and harmony that your mind and body would need in 2024.

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