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Welcome to yet another eventful year, Pisces. Your waters would come under the influence of many planetary events through the year, not to mention the changing phases of the Moon. This year would have its own share of planet retrogrades, transits and eclipses that stand to create ripples in your lives. Go with the flow, great tidings are on the course.

To start with the luminary Sun enters your sign on Monday, February 19, 2024 marking the start of the Pisces season. The Sun moving into Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac every February signals the end of one zodiac cycle. The transit of the Sun in Pisces encourages or supports our creative and romantic dreams and desires. In a few days’ time, on Friday, February 23, Mercury, the communicator would be entering your sign. When Mercury enters the signs of Pisces, your dreams get more clearer and your instincts would be quite strong. Then on Wednesday, February 28 the Sun gets in conjunction (0 deg) with Saturn in your sign of Pisces. With this conjunction, challenges that you are currently experiencing get amplified. Be patient and consistent around this conjunction period.

Then the New Moon for your sign happens on Sunday, March 10 when you would be told to dream big, your creativity would be stirred. You would be made to surrender to situation around. In a week’s time on Sunday, March 17, the Sun gets in to conjunction with Neptune in your sign of Pisces. The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces is a very fluctuating duo and there might be many highs and lows. There would be the desire to escape from the reality of life and to have freedom to go with the flow. On Friday, March 22, the fiery planet Mars ingresses into the house of Pisces. When Mars is in Pisces, our relationships would be filled with affection and warmth. There would be good rapport with partner/spouse around this transit of Mars.

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The Eclipse season for the year 2024 starts with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in your 8th house of Libra on Monday, March 25. A lunar eclipse in your 8th house of mystery will help to keep secrets to yourself and there would be a huge push towards spirituality. After a fortnight on Monday, April 08 there is yet another eclipse, this time it would be a total solar eclipse in your 2nd house of Aries. When a solar eclipse hits your 2nd house, there would be a change in your approach towards making money. Your focus now shifts towards improving your financial standing.

After a lull period of about a couple of months, your house again gets activated with Saturn going retrograde in your sign on Saturday, June 29. This would be a period of transformation of your personal identity. You would be reflecting on how you would share your resources with others. There would be an yearning towards unfiltered changes. In a couple of days, the outer planet of Neptune too would turn retrograde again in the sign of Pisces on Tuesday, July 02. Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces would be a good time to find out where reality ends and fantasy begins. The second pair of eclipse for 2024 starts with a Partial Lunar eclipse occurring in your sign on Wednesday, September 18. This would be a Full Moon too which makes you more emotional. There would be a sense of vulnerability, do focus on self -care routines around this eclipse period. This eclipse is followed by an Annular Solar eclipse in your 8th house of Libra on Wednesday, October 02. The 8th house rules over money, debts and joint finances and with a solar eclipse here, you may have to deal some of the above.

Once the eclipse season ends, Jupiter, your ruler starts its retrograde motion on Wednesday, October 09 in the sign of Gemini. During Jupiter’s retrograde motion through the inquisitive Gemini, we get a chance to consider our thought process and question the way we take in and process information. Then on Friday, November 15, Saturn turns direct in your sign of Pisces. This change in Saturn’s orbit would be very helpful to ease upheavals. It would bring some stability to our mental state and reduce sufferings. As a wrap off for the year, Neptune too turns direct on Saturday December 07 in your sign again. This would boost your compassion, your sensitivity and your empathy. A good time to simply be yourself as the year unwinds.

What’s in store for Pisces…

• Important Astrological Events for Pisces in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Astrological Events for Pisces in 2024

• Monday, February 19- Sun enters Pisces

• Friday, February 23- Mercury enters Pisces

• Wednesday, February 28- Sun conjunct Saturn in Pisces

• Sunday, March 10- New Moon in Pisces

• Sunday, March 17- Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces

• Friday, March 22- Mars enters Pisces

• Monday, March 25- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra (8th house)

• Monday, April 8- Total Solar Eclipse in Aries ( 2nd house)

• Saturday, June 29- Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces

• Tuesday, July 02- Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces

• Wednesday, September 18- Full Moon, Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

• Wednesday, October 2- Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra (8th house)

• Wednesday, October 09- Jupiter turns retrograde in Gemini

• Friday, November 15- Saturn turns direct in Pisces

• Saturday, December 07- Neptune turns direct in Pisces

General Forecast

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac line-up completing the entire zodiac cycle. Pisces are said to be down to earth natives, they live in their dreams, are very emotional and empathetic in nature. Year 2024 would be a good time for the Pisces according to our forecast. There would be many opportunities in areas of your life like home, love, finances, education, etc. Just make sure that you are grounded and plan for a secure future. Your social life is in for major growth for the period. Jupiter or Guru would be in your 3rd house till May last and then switches to your 4th house. This brings emphasis for your domestic welfare and happiness.

Saturn or Shani stays put in your house all through 2024 giving you a disciplined life where you would be learning some important life lessons. A sense of restriction would prevail around. There would be good progress in your professional life and that would be reflected in your finances. Mid-year would bring about some crisis to handle. Do not let your emotions take a stand. Some of you would be making major life decisions through the year. It might be related to getting married, planning for a child, or for a job switch. Certain Pisces natives would be relocating this year after some years of anticipation. Though the year would give you its own share of challenges, achieving your goals in life would be a major blessing for you. Learn to appreciate the simple joys around and this would be a period when you would know your true self and that of your loved ones.

Pisces need to stay grounded for the year 2024.

2024 would bring about much positive changes in the lives of Pisces men. This is a period when they would be advancing in their lives. They would be able to exercise their full potential through the year thanks to some good positive vibes around. Pisces men would see better career prospects and this would be tied up with improved financial situations as well. Hard work and dedication shall see you end the year on a note of success.

2024 would be a tremendous period of opportunity for Pisces womenfolk. This year marks the start of a new life for most of you girls out there. Major changes loom around and your career would set off in new directions. Your fortune would blow through the roof. Your finances would be good and domestic welfare assured. Birth of a child or auspicious events at home would keep you on your toes through the year.

Just focus on the future, and grab any opportunity that comes your way this year. Avoid worries and anxieties that would wear your down. Channel your energy towards positive areas and strike a good balance in life.

Health Predictions

Pisces natives would see some significant changes in their general health and well being. It would be on the positive side for some of you who are aspiring to be fit and on the negative side those who are lazy to hit the track, there might be some turmoils. Health of partner and family members would be a source of concern too. But then do not panic nor get anxious, get good medical intervention that would prevent lots of headaches in future. Just focus on physical activity and taking a balanced diet.

Health of loved ones needs careful attention these days.

Do not let stress or strain impact your general well being. Take occasional breaks to rejuvenate your mind and body. Getting out into the sun and nature helps a lot through the year. Clear your mind of any bad thoughts and let optimism in. Health-wise this is going to be quite a good period for you. Always prioritize your health and stay happy and blessed through the year.

Education and Career Prospects

The start of 2024 would be highly stressful and demanding for Pisces students. However, after the first quarter things shall become quite easy for them. Then you would be able to find success in your endeavors. This is a great year when your pursuits get acknowledged and you would be able to crack some tough exams. Do not worry, get anxious nor fret when the load is heavy, keep working hard. The planets are much aligned for all your study plans through the year. Those into research work and teaching lines would see good scope for the period. Do not rest on your laurels, instead focus on your goals and keep pursuing your passion.

Pisces folks would just shine in their career path during the course of the year.

Pisces natives would be able to perform well in their career field in 2024. The past few years would have been not much eventful, but this year you would be blazing. There would be no dearth for recognition and achievements in your career. You would be compatible with your authorities and peers in work place. All your efforts would be rewarded and would in your own good. Do not let any negative influence around nor competitors stifle your upward growth in profession through the year. This is going to be quite a positive period with Pisces folks making some great strides in their field of work. Hard work, determination and commitment to work is all that is needed of you for the period. Though you would be facing challenges occasionally you would be able to make some significant progress at work. This would be a year of learning and success for Pisces people. Those of you into business would also see some good strides. There would be opportunities to improve and expand your ventures this year. New connections would be established in your career field and would help you in coming up in this area.

Love and Family Relationships

This would be a good year for the family life of Pisces people. All this year, you would get the good support of your partner/ spouse, parents and children in the family. Particularly mid- year poses some great moments with family when you go on vacation trips with them. There would be new addition to your family life by way of marriage if you are single, or birth of a child if you are opting for one. Peace, harmony and calmness would prevail at home. All past home tensions and rifts would be solved now. This is a good time to work on your relationships at home if something bad is brewing around. Law suits related to family property might affect relationship with siblings for some Pisces people. With all means try to bring about peace and prosperity for your household. Generally, this would be a year when you would be making some long-lasting memories with your family.

2024 would be a time when the love and married life of Pisces natives would be better when compared to the previous few years. However, the planets, particularly Saturn might play havoc with your relationships occasionally with it being posited in your own sign. There would be much warmth and love as the year starts and ends, and in between during mid-year things might go off track. You would be full of confidence and charm that your relationships would bring you goodness in life. The bond you share with your partner this year would be rock solid and your commitments stand the test of time. This is a time when you ought o be careful about your communication with partner as it might brighten up or mar your ties. From mid-year, some of you might be away from partner or spouse owing to professional commitments. Make sure that this does not impede with the scope of your relationship. Thanks to your partner’s effort your social circle would expand these days.

Mid-year might pose some domestic issues for Pisces due to the position of Saturn in their sign.

Single Pisces would be able to seduce potential partners into their fold. Natives are advised to stay out of toxic relationship if that had been haunting them. Occasionally there would be bouts of difficulties with your partner that might affect peace and harmony. This would be an eventful year in that those into love shall get married and the married ones would see some good times together with partner. Make the most of these opportunities that help you to come closer to partner. Spend ample time together, particularly in your adventures, work and creative pursuits. This would improve the bonding you have with your loved one. For the year, Pisces folks would have a really strong and passionate relationship. Physical intimacy would be at its best and conjugal felicity is assured. Occasional disagreements can be sorted out by a heart -to -heart talk. This is going to be a fulfilling year if you are into love. Your eagerness to get married would materialize and it would be a lasting one. Do enjoy the goodness that your love and marriage is to be offered all through the year ahead.

Financial Overview

This is going to be a fabulous year for the finances of Pisces people. Through the year you would be making some important financial decisions that would alter your life course. Natives however are asked to be cautious of their spending and saving habits. Do not be tempted to indulge at any cost, with the recession looming around you have to stem the tide. Only a disciplined approach would save you through the year. There would be myriad ways by which you would be able to make money through the period. Just do not overspend and stay away from loans and bad debts. Much fortune and luck are also on the cards, with some Pisces standing to inherit wealth and property by way of legacy. Make use of heavy fund inflows to make some high value investments. Not a time to splurge, just plan for a secure financial future.

A good time for your finances, but you ought to stay away from indulgences.

Pisces folks would be blessed with good buying and selling scope for the year 2024. There would be a strong interest in particular to buy landed property or a dream home and this year favors the same. But do not get caught up in bad finances. Selling of your property would get you good fund flow, always read the fine print before signing any deals.

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