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Findyourfate   .   05 Aug 2021   .   1 min read

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Song: Pisces by Riz La Vie  from album - Found.  Publisher:  AWAL Digital Limited (Kobalt) (on behalf of THANKYOURIZ); Songtrust, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., and 8 Music Rights Societies

(you need to)
Talk to me nice
I think you're confusing stars with streetlights
I think you're wishin upon something I'm not up on there's something I've been stuck on


Why don't you tell me bout the light in the distance
and how it covers the whole city while it's spinnin'
Come sing me stories like the one about the stormy seas
Or when you traveled from the south of France to Normandy


Mamacita take a seat I ordered Lagunitas
Driver's seat I take her home so she can kick her feet up
Free lanes on this freeway no autobahn
Seascapes she traveled on D Days it's high stakes my


Eyes ache from the high beams
So many fish in the high seas, she's a Pisces


Cast my line now they're biting
Rocky coasts and light houses
swore she knows now I doubt it


Talk to me nice I think you're confusing stars with streetlights
Talk to me nice, talk me to sleep this drive has me weak top down sail
on on these high high seas
She talk to me sweet, but talks not always cheap


She's a Pisces, surrounded by these Gemini eyes I see, not just sparks but lightning


She don't know, where she plans to go,
She's no hand to hold, I lit her days but she's afraid to look
That far down as she scans the road, tryna span the globe


I always knew that attitude could sink my ship and my crew
On open ocean constellations could look clearer to you
Highway hypnosis light leaked through,
You steeped in me hot tea think I seeped into you,
peaked new horizons I peaked into view,


you need to
Talk to me nice
You treat your friends like you don't know that they're your vice
Your stories end you're too on edge to take advice
Fight for respect, you're too defensive spend the night


Eyes ache from the high beams so many fish in the high seas, she's a PISCES, cast my line now they're biting
Rocky coasts and light houses, swore she knows now I doubt it

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