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Pholus is a Centaur much like Chiron, it was discovered in the year 1992. It orbits around the Sun, meets the elliptical path of Saturn and moves past Neptune and reaches almost nearer to Pluto. Pholus takes about 92 years to go once around the Sun and it spends about 76 years in each zodiac sign and hence has generational effects.

Asteroid Pholus in Mythology

In mythology, Pholus is said to be the son of Pan. Similar to Chiron, Pholus is a Centaur, which is half-man and half-horse. Pholus is said to safe-guard the holy wine of Dionysus which is meant for the centaurs. Pholus was once asked to remove an arrow from Nessus after he was shot by Heracles. As the arrow was poisonous, Nessus died.

Pholus in Astrology

In astrology, asteroid Pholus represents great moments in our life, it denotes major interpersonal crisis and turning points in our lives. Natives with a strong placement of Pholus in their natal chart are said to display the surgical precision of Pholus. Hence surgeons, culinary experts, hair-stylists, and those involved in glass making and embroidery works are said to have strong placements of Pholus.

Pholus is and asteroid of healing, healing that comes from our life experiences. It helps in mending broken pieces of our lives. Like Chiron, Pholus guides us to help others during their tough times.

Pholus is an asteroid that can show wherein our lives we might experience major changes and shifts. Check out the position of Pholus in your birth chart and what it means for you.

Pholus in 1st House/Aries

When you have asteroid Pholus posited in the sign of Aries or your 1 st house then it indicates that you are in for an identity crisis. You always yearn for a new spark or a wind of vibrancy around. Natives at times get very moody depressive. They are eccentrics in their sense of fashion. This position of Pholus makes them win over arguments, however they have an explosive temper. You have interests in various areas and yearn to bring about changes in the lives of those around. Natives should be able to take both the ups and downs in life on the same scale.

Pholus in 2nd House/Taurus

If Pholus asteroid is placed in the sign of Taurus or the 2 nd house of resources, then you would be a hoarder of possessions. This placement also bestows creative and artistic abilities on the natives. You would be after impulsive and indulgent buying and spending. You love to bring the “awe moment” around you. With hard-work though natives climb to the highest echelons of their society.

Pholus in 3rd House/Gemini

With asteroid Pholus placed in the sign of Gemini or the 3 rd house, natives have the gift of the gab. They have a loaded knowledge base and are known to be good speakers, speaking their way through the hearts and minds of those around. Natives love travelling and getting connected with near ones. They love reading a lot, but do not keep up with their interests. They oscillate from one interest to another, they are of the “Jack of all trades and master of none” type.

Pholus in 4th House/Cancer

Got Pholus in the sign of Cancer or in your 4 th house? Then, you would have a serious impact of maternal connections. Family and home mean the most to you than anything else in this world. You have a liking for your ancestral history and like to carry on the legacy of the family. You love to have your own family as well when you grow up and sometimes this frightens you due to the great responsibility associated with this. You can do your best if you keep your emotions under control.

Pholus in 5th House/Leo

When Pholus is placed in the 5 th house or in the fire sign of Leo, it indicates creative impulsiveness on the part of the native. You develop different hobbies and route your immense energies towards these. Natives would be a bit lustful as well, landing on with multiple partners in life. This might prove troublesome for the long run as you not be contained. You have great passion, do not let it die, instead make sure that you channel it towards a worthy life.

Pholus in 6th House/Virgo

With Pholus posited in the 6 th house of the natal chart or in the sign of Virgo, your general health and work comes in for major changes. Natives undergo unexplained health issues. They become workaholics and by way of this earn promotions and climb up the professional ladder. However, natives are known to switch jobs frequently as they cannot hold onto a single position for long. In course of time, they need to settle down to a worthwhile career position and stay committed.

Pholus in 7th House/Libra

When Pholus is found in your 7 th house or in the sign of Libra then you have many friends and relationships in life. You are an accepting and receptive person at large. And your acquaintances in course of time open you up. With you tending to others always, you need to have a self-time to look on your needs and desires as well.

Pholus in 8th House/Scorpio

With Pholus in the 8 th house or in the secretive sign of Scorpio, you have a constant search for intimacy in your life. You are very emotional and laugh out your worries by hiding them under your core. You expect utmost commitment for your partner with you giving your total to the relationship, and when things do not go the way you intended, then you hold your resentments for long. You are quick to love and hate. Some natives have premonitions of events as well. They ought to keep their emotions under check.

Pholus in 9th House/Sagittarius

With Pholus in the 9 th house or in the sign of Sagittarius, you have the penchant to gather as much knowledge as possible. You like to travel a lot and expand your perspective of life. You love to debate with others and go to the extremes to learn more on life and different cultures. However, you have a dislike towards any sort of biases around you. Be patient, absorb the fact that you too are a human. You need to equip others to believing that differences do exist and we ought to dwell with this.

Pholus in 10th House/Capricorn

If you have Pholus in the 10 th house or in the sign of Capricorn then you strive to make a great impact through your career. You have great ideas and plans for future. You have lofty aims, however you get engrossed in the routine life. Beware of maintaining your boundaries and respecting that of others as well. You jump job positions frequently going after the elusive position that rarely exists. Do learn that you can make a mark even in the little things that you encounter in life.

Pholus in 11th House/Aquarius

When Pholus is posited in the 11 th house or in the sign of Aquarius, then the natives would be very passionate towards their friendships. They also lose themselves to the modern technology that connects them to a vast social circle. You love to connect with those who are interested to make a change in the world around. However, you might find it difficult in getting along with people of varied interests. You accept changes as they come your way, just incorporate these changes in your ambitions and relationships.

Pholus in 12th House/Pisces

With Pholus placed in the 12 th house or in the sign of Pisces, natives have a different approach towards spirituality, they try different religions and stick to that which is true to their own self. Natives have a tendency to jump from one ideology to the other and some of you might even get obsessive with a single faith. To be yourself and alone would be your best bet though. Solitude and meditations attract you. Natives also have a belief in life after death or some sort of incarnations.

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