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June 2024 starts with the fiery planet Mars entering its own sign of Aries on the 1st . Mars is strong in Aries and would give positive results. And on the 6th of June, we have the New Moon for the month of June. This New Moon in Taurus encourages us to find the stability and stillness around. We would be able to feel our inner strength and resilience. And on the 12th of June, Venus would be entering the dual chatty sign of Gemini. This transit would stimulate our senses and help us to communicate our inner desires and feelings. A couple of days after this, on the 14th of June, Mercury would follow Venus into Gemini as well. Mercury in Gemini indicates an intellectual approach to our communications modes.

On the same day- June 14th , the Sun follows Mercury into the sign of Gemini. This Sun in Gemini would focus more on communication. Your career and personal life would be enhanced by your communication and networking these days. And on the 21st of June, there would be a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon has the power to help us to understand which fears are really worth fearing. This Full Moon would bring about an emotional release as well. Then on the 29th of June, Mercury would be transiting to the water sign of Cancer. This would give a chance for us to communicate more softly and intimately. On the same day, Saturn turns retrograde in the sign of Pisces and this stands to affect all the zodiac signs according to the position of Saturn in their respective natal charts. This would be a period of assessment and time to focus on things that give us comfort in life.

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