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The Luckiest Days to Get Married in 2024 tying the knot on a lucky date is a fun way to add a little extra goodwill to your celebration. For those who are thinking about saying I do this year, we have some good news. There are a number of lucky days to consider for your nuptials, all based on everything from astrology to numerology. Based on the Chinese zodiac calendar, August 8 is the luckiest day to get married in 2024. Since August is the 8th month of the year, saying I do on August 8 heightens the positive impact on your relationship.

There are a number of other good fortune filled dates to consider booking for 2024, the Year of the Dragon. According to the Chinese calendar, if you're getting married this year, the other lucky months are May, July, October and November. Meanwhile, the luckiest days are 2813, 14, 1725 and 29. So you can combine any of the aforementioned days and months, such as May 13 or November 25, to determine a lucky wedding date. There are certain times of the year when new moons are especially imbued with luck, since the Libra sign is connected with companionship. A new moon during Libra season, which happens to be October 2 in 2024, is considered to be particularly auspicious. New moons during Capricorn season are also filled with good fortune because this sign is associated with longevity, endurance and determination. In 2024, this date is December 30. The days when solar eclipses take place are also lucky dates to get married.

Even though these phenomena when the sun, the Moon and the Earth align are rare, they're basically a supercharged new moon. A solar eclipse is expected to take place on April 8, 2024. Jupiter is one of the most auspicious planets known for abundance, fulfillment and prosperity. The planet moves slowly, taking approximately 13 months to travel from one zodiac sign to another. And the date that Jupiter moves to another sign is considered a lucky one. In 2024, Jupiter will move from the Ares zodiac to the Taurus sign on May 1.

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