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2024 has a lot in store for Kataka Rasi people or Cancer Moon sign folks. You are in  for myriad opportunities that would elevate your lifestyle through the year. This is going to be a period of surprises that come in various packages. Be ready for some tough turbulences as well. If you are awake and conscious of your surroundings then you can protect yourself from troubles around. Mars, the fiery planet would bless you with goodness through the year. Whatever be your career Mars would help you to attains success now. Kataka students might find the going tough in 2024 and their expectations in studies would not be met. Ketu in the 5th house would be deviating them from this focus. Saturn transits through the 7th house for Kataka Rasi people in 2024 and this would affect their  love and marriagetiquite badly. There would be loss of domestic welfare and happiness. As for finances, this year would not give positive results. You would be expanding your social circle thanks to the guidance brought about by Jupiter. This would be a year of mixed fortune for the natives, but whatever be the situation, they ought to come out of their shell to experience the goodness of life.

Kataka- Health horoscope 2024 

This would be a year of good health and well being for Kataka Rasi people. Though there would not be any major impacts on life, they would be suffering from seasonal ailments all through the year. Health concerns arise as Saturn is in association with the 6th Lord Jupiter. Your immune system might be compromised and even minor ailments might blow up and go out of hand, hence make sure that you take things seriously and go in for medical intervention. Kataka Rasi people would have issues related to their digestive system and stomach. They need to follow strict diet practices to stay away from such issues. The second half of the year would prove much troublesome  and harmful when compared o the first half. Be cautious of sudden spurts of fever, cold and limb ailments. Your health concerns would affect your personal and professional life drastically, hence make sure that you stay fit for the year.

Kataka- Love and Marriage horoscope 2024

The love and marriage prospects of Kataka Rasi folks would be of mixed results for the year ahead. At times things seem to be very romantic and cosy, and then might take a u-turn , making things go out of hand. There would be misunderstandings and rifts with partner occasionally. However after mid-year your relationship issues would be sorted out. Then you would enjoy some good times with your spouse or partner. Mid-year in particular assures conjugal felicity for the married ones. For the rest of the year stay considerate to keep your love or marriage from harm. Being patient would help you to survive  the year ahead as far as your love or marriage is concerned.

Kataka- Finance horoscope 2024 

The finances of Kataka Rasi people would be good for the year ahead. It would be a stable journey for them all this year. You would be having multiple sources of income flow and there would be scope to save a reasonable amount of your money as well. The first quarter of the year however might pose some financial problems for Kataka people. Expenses might overtake your inflow of funds. Then for the second quarter of the year things shall be back on track. But then make sure that you do not indulge or over-spend your finances. Use mid-year to pay off your loans and debts when there would be a good balance between your inflow and outflow of funds. Some Kataka people might meet with unwanted medical expenditure of sorts for self and family members. Be prepared to handle this with a contingency plan. The latter half of the year would bring profits and gains for those into business. Then there would not be any financial hassles for the natives. Overall your economic situation would be stable and secure through the year.

Kataka- Career horoscope 2024 

The career prospects of Kataka Rasi folks would be good for the year 2024 and there would be better growth and development in this area. Success comes naturally to you without much asking. Mars placed in your 10th house makes sure that your career path is strewn with roses for the year. And Saturn in the 7th house ensures compatibility in the work place and success in all your efforts. However the second quarter of the year might bring about some impediments in your career life. There might be challenges and stiff competition in your work place. But those into business would fare well for the year. They would get good profits and there are chances of expanding their ventures as well. Kataka people would be blessed with much and fortune in their career field for the year ahead. They are advised not to enter into any sort of rifts and troubles with higher authorities in work to avoid career woes.

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