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2024 would be a year of mixed results for Kanni Rasi individuals or those born with their Moon in the zodiac sign of Virgo. This is a period that would be quite average when you can expect not much from the universe, things would be stable and secure though. There would be some sudden spurts of luck and it would be followed by downfalls as well. The career performance of Virgo folks would be quite dull and drab. Your finances would be under threat if you do not control your expenses this year. The first half of the year would be eventless. Around mid-year, problems of sorts surface. Those into joint ventures would feel the heat around this time. Success would elude the Virgo students. Only hard work and commitment would take them far in life. Domestic welfare and happiness would elude Kanni people. Conjugal felicity would be affected and partner or spouse would give you some tough times through the year. But then single Kanni Rasi people would find the time favourable to find an ideal partner for life. Make sure that you are committed and loyal to your personal and professional ambitions for the year ahead.

Kanni- Health horoscope 2024 

Kanni Rasi folks are predicted with good health and cheer for the year ahead thanks to the position of Ketu or the Moon’s South Node in their 3rd house. This position makes you fit as a fiddle and your confidence in life also rises. Then from the second quarter of the year the position of Jupiter would bring some health scare, take adequate care of yourself. There would be minor issues off and on. Some Kanni Rasi people would have issues related to the digestive system and stomach. Chronic issues in some natives would escalate through the year. Periodic health check-ups and medical interventions would avert major disasters for the year. Mid-year in particular would bring about some health issues related to stress in life affecting your nervous system. Take care not to take things to your head, instead find ways to relax yourself mentally and physically.

Kanni- Career horoscope 2024 

There’s going to be major career changes and detours in the career life of Kanni Rasi people in 2024. Saturn or Shani posited in the 5th house of Capricorn would bring major job changes or relocations for some of you. Particularly mid-year brings about career changes that are beyond your ability to comprehend. Through the year your career grows by leaps and bounds. The first half of 2024 brings about positive changes that are conducive for your career performance. Mid-year would bring some career troubles, there might be rifts with authorities or peers in work place. Lay low and wait for things to pass by, do not over-react to situations at hand. The year ahead is quite conducive for the business prospects of the Kanni Rasi natives. You would be able to take your business to a whole new level that brings you major profits. But beware of any joint partnership deals. Some major decisions with regard to career ought to be made around mid-year. The third quarter of the year brings in yet another leap in your career. Some Virgo Rasi people into services would be quitting their services to start their own venture or start-up this year.

Kanni- Love and Marriage horoscope 2024

The love and marriage prospects of Kanni Rasi people would not be that good for the year ahead. All through the year, you need to work along with your partner to fix things. There would be sudden spurts of incompatibility with partner coupled with misunderstandings of sorts. The second half of the year in particular needs attention with regard to your relationships. Always refrain from escalating issues with partner. Any sort of negative approach would only mar your relationship, hence find ways to amend things cordially. Family would be a source of support for your love relationships through the year. But do not let any one get into your private affairs. The final quarter of the year would be lucky in terms of your love and marriage. There are high chances that single Kanni Rasi people would be tying the knot.

Kanni-  Finance horoscope 2024 

Year 2024 would bring about lots of changes in your financial life. As the year starts your finances would not be strong. However, with Mars in your 8th and Rahu in your 9th house of prosperity would assure that your finances improve as the year progresses. Around mid-year there would be better stability in your finances. But then expenditure of sorts come in and affect your savings. Keep a tab of your spending and do not indulge these days. The last quarter of the year would bring in good gains for Kanni people. Income from job and business would be stable but not as per your expectations. Some natives though would see financial inflow owing to property deals and ancestral successions. Natives are urged to be cautious of their spending. This is a period to spend on your needs and not on your desires.

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