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Every year, the Scorpio season starts as the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Scorpio on the 23rd of October and lasts till the 21st of November. The Scorpio season is a time when passions run high and deep and is a time of major transformations. The season is all about deepening your relationships and checking your chores off. Both Scorpios and Taurus (the opposite sign of Scorpio) tend to feel the intense energy of this season more than the rest of the zodiacs.

When the Sun moves through Scorpio, the spotlight would be on everything that is below the surface or is hidden from light. During this season we would be encouraged to look beneath the surface and analyse the complexities of life. We would come out more intuitive around these days. The Scorpio season brings about a deeper awareness of our emotional nature.

The Scorpio season tends to affect the different zodiac signs quite differently. Here’s some useful hints on this:


As for the Scorpio season, the Sun would be traversing through the 8th house for Aries folks. This makes you to dig deeper into your relationships. You would be pruning your ties as well this period, in a way this clears your path. You would be loaded with much resources but might lack the energy levels to handle the same. Some Aries folks would have troubles with coping relationship issues. This is a good time to listen to your partner and stay away from taking hasty decisions.


Taurus folks would have the Sun through their 7th house of relationships this Scorpio season. There would be a sense of intense energy in most areas of your life. Being a stubborn personality you might see conflicts and rifts in your personal and professional spaces. Get to the root cause of any problem and stick to the truth. If you need support, do not hesitate to ask it from your loved ones or go in for therapy.


The Sun transits through the 6th house for Gemini people during the season of Scorpio. This season is all about searching for your true calling in life. You would get a clear idea if certain things are working for you or not. This is a time for self-discovery. Reach out to projects that you have long left in the back burner. Geminis are asked to stay away from any bad habits, particularly the stealthy ones that they might pick on during this Scorpio season.


Cancer folks would have the Sun through their 5th house for the Scorpio season. This would make them question various aspects of their life ranging from their personal to professional life. The Scorpio season pushes the Cancers out of their shell, which would be a more positive move. Cancers would feel more confident now and some of them might get more extrovert. They would be at their creative best for the season.


The mighty Leos would have the Sun through their 4th house of domestic life during the Scorpio season. They can best use their intense energy levels to dig deep into their past life experiences and start reflecting. Leos would be seen more around home this season and there would be some good moments in the domestic side. This would be a good time to strengthen your family bonds, Leo.


This Scorpio season, Virgos would have the Sun travelling through their 3rd house of communication and networking. This makes them to interact in a more honest and truthful way. Virgos should spend more time focussing on themselves this season. Your relationships would be more satisfied and there would be a good rapport with your loved ones. What you speak matters most this season, hence be cautious of what comes out of you.


The Sun transits through the 2nd house of finances for the Libra guys this Scorpio season. This is a time when the Libras would be more grounded. With the Sun just having exited your sign, you get out of the spotlight and hence this would be a good time to reflect. You would experience major changes in your financial side this season. Do not indulge with your finances, rather invest wisely and spend carefully for this season.


The Sun is in your sign, Scorpio and this is your season. Rise and shine Scorpio. You would be in the spotlight all this season, however you ought to make some major decisions with regard to your future now. This is a good time to evaluate where you stand and what you ought to do with regard to life. A good time to try different paths and avenues.


The Sages would have the Sun through their 12th house of Scorpio during this season. And this makes them quite lonely and aloof. This is a good time to lay low and wait for the Sun to enter your sign in a months’ time. Do reflect and listen to your intuition. Relax and rewinds when things do not go the way you intended them to be. The Scorpio season is a time for self-discovery.


This Scorpio season, the Sun transits through the 11th house of social life for the Caps. This makes the Capricorns shun social activities for quite some time. This season, you would be making some great acquaintances in life. Your moods alternate with highs and lows. This is a good time for self-discovery as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.


Aquarius folks would see their 10th house of career being transited by the Sun during the Scorpio season. This would be a great time for your career when some major changes are on the cards. Keep focussing on your work and you would be rewarded amicably. A good time to reflect on your life purpose and be honest with your own self.


Pisces natives would have the Sun through their 9th house during the Scorpio season. This makes you to focus on the inner parts of your life. Find out your life’s true calling. This is a time to learn and grow and to try new things. A good time to discover the hidden truths around. Be active and learn new things in life. This would help you to connect better to the real world as the Scorpio season moves on.

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