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Mercury goes retrograde in the fire sign of Leo on the 18 th of July and ends on the 11th of August 2025. This is the second time that Mercury is retrograding in 2025.

Important Dates to Note:

  • Pre-Retrograde Shadow period: July 01 to July 17
  • Retrograde period: July 18 to August 11
  • Post - Retrograde Shadow Period: August 12 to August 25

The last time Mercury was retrograde in Leo in August 2023, hence do look out for clues from that period. Leo is a sign that is all about drama, leading and cheering. There might be some hiccups in these areas when Mercury is retrograde.

Let not this retrograde frighten you, this is just an indication that Mercury has been back-tracking and is controlled by a force that is not its own. Be prepared for some frustrations and delays this period.

When Mercury retrogrades in the fire sign of Leo there would be some passionate and intense expressions of emotions. This retrograde makes us to feel strong and more aggressive. But then any force on our part would be resisted these days thanks to the retrograde effect. Your persuasive power might be sniffled. Do not resort to any harsh opposition, instead focus your strong energy towards creative pursuits around the retrograde days. Care should be taken not to indulge with finances or with anything for that matter for now.

Here is what this Mercury Retrograde in Leo means for the zodiac signs:

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Aries

For Aries folks, this Mercury retrograde occurs in the 5th house of love and speculation. This might stall some of your love pursuits. Any sort of assertiveness might be taken as a harsh action by others. Lay low and do not try to steal the limelight. Wait for Mercury to turn direct before you resort to any action plans.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Taurus

This Mercury retrograde is in the 4th house of domestic welfare for the Bulls. It would be a tough time for you in the personal front with some domestic issues. There might be motional upheavals at home, keep calm and remain stable and strong for the time being.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Gemini

Mercury shifts gear in the 3rd house of communications and siblings for Geminis. This is your abode of expression and hence expect some troubles in this area. It is better that you put everything in writing and do not ignore the fine print. Patience would be the key to survival these days.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Cancer

For Cancer people, this Mercury retrograde takes place in their 2nd house of Leo. This is the house of finances. Hence expect some financial troubles around, re-lay your budget and stick to it through thick and thin. Secure your position so that there are no major turbulences around till the retrograde period lasts.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Leo

With Mercury going retrograde in your own sign, this is a call for not starting any new ventures for the period. Review your past works and lay low. Take time off and go slow on everything else you might bang yourself somewhere.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Virgo

When Mercury plies through your 12th house of Leo, it would be retrograding. This give you an opportunity to review your personal and professional standing. Do not resort to any changes, instead look for new perspectives. Beware of false friends and acquaintances for now.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Libra

Libras would see Mercury going retrograde through their 11th house of Leo in July 2025. This is the house of friends and gains. Mercury might bring about some troubles in these areas. Always double-check your plans, beware of any financial speculations and have a back-up for everything you pursue these days.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Scorpio

Mercury shifts gear in the 10th house of profession for the intense Scorpios out there. This might cause some issues in your career or business ventures. It is better you do not make any major amends for the next three week period. Things shall fall back on track once Mercury goes direct.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Sagittarius

The Sages would have Mercury through their 9th house of Leo going retrograde in July 2025. This is your house of vision, so you need to make some amends in this area. Beware of some technology break-downs around, do have a Plan B. 

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Capricorn 

For Capricorns, Mercury is through their 8th house of intensity and passions and secrets when it goes retrograde. This might make you a bit jealous, some secrets coming out might harm you and there might be betrayals of sorts and some dishonesty around, do not react, stay calm, let Mercury go Direct before you act.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Aquarius

The 7th house of Aquarius people would have Mercury in retrograde motion during July, 2025. This might bring about some troubles in your relationships. There would be misunderstandings and trust issues around. This is just a passing phase, do not over-react, stay calm.

Mercury retrograde in Leo for Pisces

For Pisces, it would be their 6th house of Leo that hosts the retrograde Mercury in this time. Your travel plans and communications might meet with impediments. Double-check everything, and have a back up. Reviewing your standing and re-designing certain aspects of your life helps around the retrograde period.

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