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Findyourfate   .   03 Jan 2023   .   4 mins read

For the year, the Capricorn season extends from December 22, 2022 to 19th January, 2023. This is one of the astrological seasons which starts with the beginning of the winter solstice. As like the other seasons, the Capricorn season also has its own vibe and energy which we ought to face. So, how do you survive the Capricorn season?

What does the Capricorn season mean

Every year, the Capricorn season sees the close of a year and the advent of yet another bright New Year. Hence it would be a season of closing down certain things and looking forward to something new, in other words- the Sun going down in a year and rising up on yet another year. Capricorn is an earth sign being ruled by the planet Saturn and its symbol is the sturdy Mountain goat. 

The Capricorn season is a time for hard work and determination. This is a good season to gather your ideas together and start executing them. It is a great season for progress, hence dream big and keep forging ahead.

The Capricorn Energy

The entry of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn indicates the Capricorn season and its energy is purely practical. In general, this is a period of harsh winter with darkness in most of the Northern hemisphere when we look outward for illumination of some sort. With the season including the New year, the energy is one that inspires us to be ambitious and determined toward what we want in life. 

The Capricorn energy grounds us, it being an earthy sign. However, a healthy change is brought about. Though Capricorn is said to be a boring and dull energy, it indicates something that is working on the background towards higher goals without much fundare externally. 

How does the Capricorn season affect the zodiac signs

All the zodiac signs get greatly inspired to work on their ideas and ideals during the Capricorn season. This period greatly encourages you to move forward despite hindrances and hiccups around. You would see much opportunities and would feel greatly emphasized.

The period of Capricorn also guides us to make long term goals. We would start aspiring more towards material resources, getting a new home or a car, making a major investment and the like. The future seems more near and serious to be looked up to in anticipation. 

The Capricorn season also makes the zodiac signs to get involved in their social circles. Better connectivity is assured during this time of the year. Though this Capricorn season is all about hard work, it is also a time to enjoy the good things in life. You would be able to enjoy the earthly goodness around you, like food, friends and family, particularly during the festive time. Do not let work always take the precedence. Find out a good balance, and remember to live the life you always wanted.

So, how do you cope with the Capricorn season..

The Sun is just out of the fiery sign of Capricorn into the earthy abode of Capricorn. This is an ambitious sign that takes us to reality or the ground. It gives us the energy to move ahead. Here are some ideas for you to survive the Capricorn season utilizing the energy of the Capricorn sign.

Accept Imperfections

Capricorns are known for their perfection and need everything they do to be perfect. However, this cannot be so every time,  stay back from setting high standards and allow yourself to embrace imperfections as well in life. You would be after perfection that you might lose the whole picture or the joy of enjoying the simpler things around. This might also wear you down mentally and emotionally and leave you drained. Hence if you feel that you are way off the mark, hold on, take a deep breathe and cool your nerves. Let go off of things that you cannot be perfect at.

Keep a Tab

The Capricorn energy is all about tangible results. It is good in organizing skills as well. Hence us this Capricorn energy to make a tab of your resources and make some tweaks if necessary. This can get everything in order especially around the holiday season when our budget might go off limits. 

Have practical goals

Capricorn is said to have lofty ambitions but you need to get things done to reach that pinnacle. Pen down your goals in life and work on ways to achieve the same without losing yourself in the climb. If certain things seem unachievable then re-tweak your goals and move forward. Take small steps so that the climb does not seem harsh or off- limits. Always make small manageable bites and do not bite more than you can chew, it would choke you to death !!.

Occasionally pat yourself on the back

Periodically reward yourself with small compliments for the things that you have achieved. It can help you to keep moving with positive reinforcements. You would be motivated to do better.

Connect to the Earth

Capricorn is an earthy sign, and this season envisions us to remain grounded and get connected to the earth as much as possible. It might be some gardening, building or repairing something. Doing such things bring meaning to your monotonous routine drag.

Your guide to Capricorn

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