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Findyourfate   .   13 Aug 2021   .   3 mins read

A Stellium is the combination of three or more planets that occur together in a zodiac sign or a house. Possessing a Stellium in your birth chart is rare.

What happens if you have a Stellium in your birth chart?

A Stellium in your birth chart tears you between numerous conflicting energies at the same time. You feel overwhelmed with emotions and cannot manage them.

However, on the other hand, people with Stellium in their birth chart are lucky. They naturally excel at everything. They need to put in fewer efforts to gain anything or excel at anything.

Those born during the event of Stellium will reflect it in their birth charts and personalities as a Stellium is quite energetic. Also, in case the Stellium is present in your house rather than your zodiac, implications of that house will be more prominent on you rather than the zodiac itself.

A Stellium with three or four planetary conjunctions makes you skillful and adds a streak of talent into your personality. You become a lot more powerful if you have a Stellium in your star sign. You appreciate finer things in your life and do not stop at average. Moreover, you possess numerous skills, such as singing, acting, dancing, drawing, and a lot more. You are good at whatever you take up, you tend to learn it quickly and naturally.

People who have Stelliums in their birth chart are known to be extremely discerning about what beauty means to them and they won't stop until they find it. If you have a Stellium in your birth chart, you have a strong sense of what is beautiful and what is not. You know exactly how things should look, taste, sound, and feel. It might seem as if you are a perfectionist, but actually, you want to get things right, and this means that you will try your hardest to make sure that everything in your life is beautiful.

With numerous planets opposing each other and giving off their energies, it becomes quite difficult for you to carry them if you have Stellium. You might feel a lot of emotions at once. However, on the positive side, it could be a better idea to let the Stellium take control and teach you needed lessons.

There can be two types of Stelliums in your zodiac. The first type is the energy of personal planets such as the sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, or Venus. If you have personal planets, Stellium will make you feel mood swings or personality transitions. Not only this, but your relationships will feel the effect too. The second type of Stellium is the presence of transpersonal planets, such as Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus. Such a Stellium would affect your life generally.

How to find out if you have a Stellium in your birth chart?

To find if you have a Stellium in your birth chart, you need to have the following data about yourselves:

•  The exact date of your birth

•  The exact time of your birth

•  The exact location of your birth

If you have these details, you can check whether you have Stellium or not via an online calculator as well. However, to do so, you need your birth chart. You can get your birth chart made online or through an astrologer.

Your birth chart will aid you in finding out the exact location of all the planets when the universe heard your first cry. If you find the combination of three or more planets at the time of your birth, it signifies that you possess a Stellium in your birth chart.

How to deal with the overwhelming energies of a Stellium?

A Stellium can be present in any sector of your life. For example, if you are a Capricorn and the Stellium is present in your work sector, you will feel more work-oriented. However, at the same time, you can feel a work burden or issues. It happens because the energies of a Stellium are too overwhelming

To nullify the overwhelming energies of the Stellium, you shall study the opposite planets to the planets in your Stellium and inculcate their qualities in your life. It will help to nullify some of the effects of a Stellium.

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