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Findyourfate   .   17 May 2023   .   5 mins read

Gemini is an Air sign and natives are very social and intellectuals. They are very clever and are always full of energy, wits and vigor. Geminis adapt to changes quite instantly without much fanfare as the sign is mutable. They always engage in conversations but ought to be careful about any slip of the tongue. With the Sun entering the sign, we enter the Gemini season, yet once again when the Gemini traits get highlighted.

So what is Gemini season all about…

• The season of Gemini extends from the 21st of May to the 21st of June every year.

• This season makes us witty, intellectuals and develop an yearning to talk and communicate.

• We would be very curious and would love to garner knowledge and ideas. Throughout this season this energy would be present.

• The Lord of Gemini is Mercury and hence Mercury holds sway over this one month period when we would be quick witted and would be blessed with the gift of the gab.

• The Gemini season brings out the extrovert in us when we would be reaching to others around. This is a time which favors networking of sorts.

• Use the Gemini season to read a lot of books that entice you and learn more about the world around.

 This is an ideal time to have a fun time with friends and family, celebrating the essence of life.

This season encourages us to resort to humanitarian works.

The Gemini season brings our creativity to the fore where we would be expressing ourselves more freely without any inhibitions.

Here’s what the Gemini season means for the zodiac signs:


During the Gemini season, the Sun would be in the 3rd house of communication and short trips for Aries natives. Hence this season encourages you to go on trips or read a book that interests you. Be ready to receive any sort of enlightenment that comes your way during this season. A calm and airy atmosphere prevails around.


Taurus folks would have the Sun posited in their 2nd house of finances and material resources during the Gemini season. This is a time to take note of your resources, re-evaluate your financial standing and look out security. This season gives a big push to the stability loving Taurus people. Just go with the wind. Romantic vibes are seen around.


Happy Birthday Gemini. The Sun is in your sign and this is your own season, make the most out of it. Use this period to improve your personality or follow a fitness schedule that had been long held up. Enjoy doing the things you love. Be curious, get out and socialize. Have fun and love the chaos.

For the Gemini season, the Sun would be transiting the 12th house for Cancer folks. This indicates a period of low energy levels which can be best utilized for cleansing purposes, both mentally and physically and literally. This is a good time to read a book, mediate or go for long nature walks. Follow your gut feelings or intuition these days. Though the wind around seem harsh, go with the flow.

The Sun would be travelling through the 11th house for Leos all through the Gemini Season. This highlights your friendships and social life. Use this time period to connect to an old long lost friend. Your communication might go off wire, be patient. This is the time to stay grounded and use Gemini’s Air to fuel your inner Fire.

During the Gemini season, the Sun would be moving through the 10th house of career for Virgo people. This is the time to ask for a relocation, a promotion or a pay hike. You would be in the eyes of higher ups in the work place, be cautious. Do work hard, but always seek a balance. Take periodic breaks to unwind through the season.

The Sun would be in the 9th house of religion and higher studies for Libra folks for the season of Gemini. Academics of sorts would appeal to you now. Spiritual pursuits and pilgrimages can be taken up now. This is a good time to pursue a hobby or learn some life skills. Long travels are also favored during this season.

With the Sun transiting through the 8th house for Scorpios during the Gemini season, death, legacy and the occult sciences would be greatly emphasized in your life. Finally secrets would come to the light and your mindset changes a lot during this season. Some harsh decisions need to be taken through the course of the season, rely on your gut instincts. A sense of mystery surrounds you now.

The Sun would be through the 7th house of relationships for Sagittarius folks during this Gemini season. The single ones would see much romance and those already in a relationship would be better able to commit themselves to their partners. Rely on the support of your partner, family and friends. This is a time for fun and adventure for the Sages.

During the Gemini season, for Capricorns the Sun would be through their 6th house, highlighting health and fitness. This is a good time to start a health regimen, go for a medical check up or resort to medical treatment for chronic issues. Take breaks from the rigors of life occasionally. Get social as well through this season.

This season, the Sun traverses through the 5th house of love, pleasure and creativity for Aquarius natives. This is a good time to pursue your creative talents. Indulge in all pleasures of life and love would be in the air. Enjoy romance and your relationship and do not take life much seriously for the period. Your sensual side gets greatly enhanced during this season.

The Sun moves through the 4th house of domestic welfare and home for Pisces folks as the Gemini season sets in. This brings the natives’ focus on home, with renovations on the cards. Spiritual pursuits keep you engaged and you would be always connected to home. Your feelings and sentimentality come to the fore. This is a season of nostalgia, get ample rest.

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