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Farewell 2023, welcome 2024.. Year 2024 begins positively with Mercury ending its retrograde motion. The direct station of Mercury happens at 10:08 P(EST) after which your communication channels would be better. Now you can make significant decisions, especially the ones that you have been holding onto. A good time to make some viable New Year resolution that would sure see the light of the day through the course of the year.2024 promises to be a great year from an astrological perspective. 2024 would be hosting three Mercury retrogrades, four eclipses a huge array of planet transit events for the ensuing 12 month period. So, finish your holiday shopping and plan for the New Year. On the New year’s day you can start things with a clear mind. As the New Year starts there would be some chaos as we would be ringing in the New Year while Mercury is still retrograding. Mercury turns direct just before midnight on the 1 st of January 2024. As a matter of fact the year 2024 starts on a positive note with Mercury, Venus and Mars staying close together for almost the entire year. Mercury would play spoilsport when it retrogrades in April, August and November of 2024. Mars would retrograde during the fag end of the year and Venus does not retrograde at all for the year, and hence this is going to be a gala year for us.

As the year 2024 starts, Sun would be transiting the sign of Capricorn and this transit is all about setting goals for the New year. This is a time for us to think about what we are going to do for the rest of the year and start the ascent. As for the elemental signs, the Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius would be pursuing their destiny quite diligently. The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius would be discovering their inner truths, the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius would be aiding their earths sign fellow mates and the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn would find it tough managing their emotions. Together we are all going to face the year ahead bravely, come what may.

As the year starts we have the following aspects in store for January 1, 2024:

Moon Trine Jupiter - Moon is in Virgo and Jupiter is in Taurus on this day and this is a very favorable transit. It brings about good mood and is a good time for socializing. We would be much relaxed and the day can be spent on leisure and relaxation. There would be positive vibe and a great time for dates and new-meets.

Sun Trine Moon - Sun is in Capricorn and Moon is in Virgo and this is a good aspect because it makes us feel at ease both physically and mentally. There would be a sense of comfort within us. There would be pleasant interactions with partner or spouse.

Venus Square Saturn - Venus is in Sagittarius and Saturn is in Pisces and this would add some stress to your love life bringing about potential conflicts and tension for the day. This is not a time to confront your authority. You may feel lonely and dull. There would be dissatisfaction in love or marriage. Beware of health concerns.

Here’s what the year ahead has in store for you from an astrological perspective:

  • January 1:  Mercury Retrograde ends today, and the year starts on a positive note opening up the blocked communication channels.
  •  January 20: Pluto enters Aquarius after 1798, when there was a struggle for balance of power. Expect something similar on these lines as Pluto starts its stint in Aquarius this year.
  •  March 25: There’s a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra on this day. And this would impact Aries and Libra natives.
  • April 1: The first Mercury Retrograde in 2024 starts in the sign of Aries. This being a fiery sign watch out for some temper tantrums around.
  • April 8: Solar Eclipse happens in Aries.
  • April 20: Jupiter and Uranus get into exact conjunction and this makes you to break free from established norms and traditions.
  • May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini after a 13 year transit around the zodiac sky. This initiates our learning processes.
  • August 5: Mercury Retrogrades for the second time in Virgo and then in Libra. Might interfere with your hogging the limelight.
  • September 17: The second eclipse season of 2024 begins with a lunar eclipse in Pisces. Pisces and Virgo folks are in for major changes in life.
  • October 2: There would be a solar eclipse in Libra.
  • November 25: The third and final Mercury Retrograde of the year begins in Sagittarius. You need to re-check your plans.

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