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Findyourfate  .  13 Aug 2021  .  4 mins read   .   453

The opposite and black version of the Western astrological zodiac is the black zodiac, and it exists. As the repeated interpretations were carried out by different astrologers such as Indian, Greek, and Roman, the black zodiac was filtered out, and only the good one remained.

Black Zodiac reflects the evil side of human personality. This evil side can harm both the person and others with its evil energy. However, the evil side can be put under control. To keep this evil side under check, there is a need to manipulate it and know it in detail.

Aries: The Tyrant

The Tyrant is the black zodiac of the Aries. It is always greedy, and human suffering keeps it under motivation. It manipulates people and likes to dominate them. It uses and discards people as means of power tools for himself. Dear Aries, you need to overcome this evil side of your zodiac. Perhaps you shall consider people as more rather than as mere manipulation tools.

Taurus: The Fallen Demon

Dear Taurus, your black zodiac is a ‘Fallen Demon’. It is your wrong past which is full of mistakes, and you would not let it go. You view your future in the light of your mistakes from your past. You are wounded and hold grudges against the ones who wronged you. You should let go of your past as it just taught you some lessons. Your entire future does not depend on it.

Gemini: The Basilisk

Gemini, your black zodiac is the Basilisk who commands fear. If one pisses you off, you become venomous. Your stare and your bite are fierce. You can torment others, and you are good at it. You command both respect and fear in duo. Dear Gemini, you should keep your negativity under check and give people room for mistakes. After all, we are all just humans!

Cancer: The Serpent

Dear Cancer, your black zodiac is a serpent. It represents both intelligence and deception, the perfect elements for manipulation. You give off an image of being repulsive, shadowy, and low, but you use these to your advantage. You tend to use the trust of others as your weapon against them. Cancer, do not hurt your loved ones by cheating them.

Leo: The War Maiden

Leo, your black zodiac is the War Maiden, which is self-contradictory. It appreciates good and bad at the same time, for example, you like both beauty and decay together. Others find this phenomenon disturbing and fail to side with your views. You tell yourself comforting lies to let the reality sink in, bit by bit. You are on a thin border between evil and kindness. Leo, overcome this nature, or else it could be self-destructive.

Virgo: The Maelstrom

Virgo, your black zodiac is the Maelstrom. You could be toxic for the people you love and ship. You possess a tendency to become overly possessive, choking your kith and kin. You believe in sabotaging your possession or people instead of sharing them with another. Virgo that is toxic!

Libra: The Ravenous

Dear Libra, your black zodiac is the Ravenous. You have your sanity under check, which is trying to burst free alongside all your hidden demons. You do not want to go forward with this monotonous life of norms and routine. You want to target those who hurt you and teach them a lesson. However, despite such a strong tendency to do so, you only keep waiting. Libra, you search for stability but fail to find it.

Scorpio: The Poisoned Dart