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Findyourfate   .   16 Nov 2022   .   1 min read

Artist: Benita

Stanley Music Production


Cold days. Yellow and red – the leaves of the forrest 

but noone will see the colors because of the mist

The forrest seems to be as mysterious and secretive as you 

you don’t talk much, but what you say is true.

You’re loyal but not easy to read 

You’ve got a magical attraction like a magnet 

Dear Scorpio, can I give you some advice?

Let go of the grudges that you’ve hold on for too long

Overcome your weaknesses, you are so strong!

You are protective passionate and proud

learn to stay in control and still speak out load!

You got such excellent intuition 

got so much wonderful imagination 

the Scorpio season will help you to see!

To find your inner self and to set you free!

Autumn wind. It’s raining. But the rain won’t hold you back

You will do what you can, you will fight till you get

what you want. Cause you’ve got tamper and great courage

I hope you do’t loose yourself by getting ruthless

hold on to your bright side, don’t get drown in jealousy 

You will solve some puzzles of life, you will see!

Life is meant to lived by it’s fullest or not at all

don’t make things only half, make them by heart

It’s amazing to see how you live your life, while others only live half alive

But dear Scorpio, can I give you some advice?

Take care of your heart, please, take care of your heart

it’s your weakest organ, I don’t want you to get hurt!

Dear Scorpio, can I give you some advice?

Dear Scorpio, can I give you some advice?

Show your colors, show all of your colors

through the dust and mist 


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