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Findyourfate   .   28 Feb 2023   .   6 mins read

In astrology, the planet found with the lowest degree in one’s birth chart is called as the Spouse indicator. In Vedic astrology it is called as Darakaraka. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are the only planets considered for this purpose. Though your natal chart has several indicators like Jupiter and Venus which tell about your spouse, the Darakaraka gives the best description of your spouse, their appearance, personality and character.

Here are some indicators with regard to your Spouse indicator (SI) or Darakaraka Planet:

If the Darakaraka or Spouse Indicator is in the 12th house, then spouse would have foreign connections.

If SI is in the 7th house, then spouse would be a very social person.

When Moon happens to be the SI then partner might have an inclination towards music.

Moon as the Spouse indicator indicates chances of multiple marriages for the native.

If Sun is the Spouse indicator then the spouse of the native would be well known and would be a person of status in society.

Sun as the SI gives a very handsome or beautiful spouse.

If Mercury is the Spouse Indicator planet, then the partner would be youthful.

When Mercury is the SI, then spouse might already have another love relationship.

Venus as the Spouse Indicator planet gives a wealthy and highly connected spouse for the native.

Venus as the SI posited in the 10th house, partner would be the boss.

Venus as SI placed in the 2nd or the 8th house, spouse would come through some financial deal connections.

When Mars is the SI, then spouse would be physically active  and probably an athlete.

Mars as the Spouse indicator also gives a very highly active sexual partner.

Jupiter planet as SI means a very wealthy and rich spouse.

Jupiter as SI planet also gives a partner who would be very charitable.

When Saturn is the Darakaraka, then the relationship with spouse would be long lasting. 

There would be huge age gap with spouse when Saturn happens to be  the SI.

In some cases, Saturn as SI would give a spouse with whom the native might feel restricted without any freedom.

Planets as Spouse indicators (Darakaraka)

Darakaraka- Sun 

Physical Features of Spouse: tall, fair, brown hair, medium complexion, handsome or beautiful

With Sun as the Spouse Indicator or Darakaraka, the natives would be blessed with an emotionally stable partner. Partner would be from good status and would be trustworthy. He or she would be vying for constant attention though. 

The conjunction or aspect of Jupiter and Mars with Sun  as the Spouse Indicator would give a good partner. The aspect of Moon with Sun also blesses with an ideal partner however when in conjunction Moon would give bad results. The association of Sun as the Darakaraka with Mercury indicates a very intelligent partner. Any association of Sun with its enemies of Saturn and Venus would give a troublesome partner for the native.

Darakaraka- Moon

Physical Features of Spouse: feminine, curvy or chubby, short, dark features.

When Moon happens to the Soul Indicator planet, you would have an emotional and sensitive spouse. He or she might have mood swings and is likely to affect the relationship. Spouse would be a caring partner who is intuitive and longs for an intimate connection. They would be willing to compromise at all levels with the native. 

Moon in association with the planets of Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Mars might bring frustrations in the relationship as they have malefic tendencies with Moon. In association with Jupiter, Moon indicates a spouse who is cheerful and optimistic.

Darakaraka- Mercury

Physical Features of Spouse: young, medium height, strong cheekbones are the chief traits.

Got Mercury as your Darakaraka or Spouse indicator? Then your spouse would be very friendly, and together you work as a single entity. Partner would be talkative and might be younger than the native and would be a lover of adventure and travel. However, they are careless individuals who love fun more than work. 

Mercury in good aspects with Venus would give a good partner. With Saturn, partner might be a hurting personality. When the spouse indicator of Mercury is with Moon, partner would be very emotional. When Mercury is in aspect to Sun it indicates a good spouse and with Jupiter would bless with a happy relationship.

Darakaraka- Venus

Physical Features of Spouse: beautiful or handsome, of medium height, more feminine characters, good hair and dark eyes.

With Venus as the Spouse Indicator, spouse would be a lover of luxury and would make a happy and loving relationship. He or she would be very romantic. Partner would be sensuous and emotional and charming. They are good in compromising. 

When Venus is in aspect with Sun, Moon or Jupiter then Venus as the Spouse indicator indicates that the native might get frustrated with the partner. With Saturn, Venus gives a very helping partner and with Mars ,Venus will bless the native with a very passionate partner or spouse for life.

Darakaraka- Mars  

Physical Features of Spouse : athletic build, broad shoulders, bright eyes, tinted complexion, colored hair.

When Mars is the Spouse indicator of the native, partner would be a person who is physically strong. He or she would be very protective of the native and would have a great drive in life. They have an aptitude for sports and fitness. Partner would be courageous, bold, dominating and might quarrel occasionally. They are adventurous in nature and work very fast. They are adept in fixing things and solving problems in life. 

With Jupiter, Mars as the Spouse indicator would give a good partner. With Mercury, Mars gives a frustrating life partner. With Moon, partners turns out to be very selfish and argumentative. When with Saturn , Mars would give a person of harsh nature as a spouse but with Venus, partner would be very passionate and romantic towards the native.

Darakaraka- Jupiter

Physical  Features of Spouse:  medium height, good build, light eye color, foreign national, might be chubby.

Jupiter as the Darakaraka or the Spouse indicator indicates a partner who is well educated, is spiritual and is protective of you. They give happiness and joy to their partners. Spouse would be humorous and creative.  They might love travelling and exploring others cultures. Partners would be very optimistic, and loyal to the native. In a way they would be like a teacher to the native. 

With the luminaries Sun, Moon and the planet Mars, Jupiter as the Darakaraka would give a good spouse. But with Mercury, Saturn, and Venus, Jupiter is most likely to give a partner who might be frustrating in life.

Darakaraka- Saturn

Physical Features of Spouse : tall and thin, dark eyes and hair, strong bones, notable cheek bones, thick eyebrows.

When Saturn is the Spouse indicator, partner  would be about 7 years or older than the native. They would be very firm in nature, dutybound, sober, and take time to adapt to changes. Marriage would long last despite hard times together. Though much romance cannot be seen here , this would be a practical combination. Natives get to choose their life partner though. 

With Sun, Moon and Mars, Saturn is likely to give a partner with whom life would be quite tough. With Mercury and Venus, Saturn as the Darakaraka, it would be a very happy and loving relationship for the long run.

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