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Jake Stagg  .  14 Nov 2022  .  1 min read   .   5112

Artist: Jake Stagg

Stanley Music Production


Baby I'm the bull

A Taurus gonna bring you up

 a Taurus gonna hold you down

 Venus gonna keep us close tonight 

Taurus is reliable, responsible, practical,

 never Let You down, they're determined for their goal

 reaching for the sky with a logical approach

romance, and a slow dance, sometimes a Taurus will hold back 

 what you have is yours, so they call you possessive

 you're just standing up for yourself, it's nothing aggressive

 always ready to endure

 you know what you want, and you want it all secure.

A Taurus gonna bring you up

 a Taurus gonna hold you down

 Venus gonna keep us close tonight 

The great bull of the heaven

Beauty, money, meaningful connection

You're gonna get it by any means

steady patience with a generous energy

Yeah yeah

Creative and skilled, 

when you focus on anything, everything builds

 everybody recognize a bull

 the way you stay grounded is admirable.

(Everybody recognize a bull, the way you stay grounded is admirable)

A Taurus gonna bring you up

 a Taurus gonna hold you down

 Venus gonna keep us close tonight 

Baby, you're the bull

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