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The first quarter of 2024 would be quite eventless for the Libras. However, close to the end of the quarter on the 25th of March, Libra hosts the Full Moon for the year. This urges you to set your boundaries in order that you are at peace with yourself.

This Full Moon on March 25th, also happens to be a Penumbral Eclipse in Libra. This would be a time of self-awareness and time to reflect and retrospect.

In August, on the 29th,  Venus, your ruler enters your sign. Venus’ transit into Libra would be a period of goodness and harmony for the natives as Venus s very strong and potent when in its natural home.

One of the main transits for Libras would be the transit of the Sun into your sign on the 22nd of September, 2024. This transit of the Sun would help you to mend fences in relationships. This day is also called as The Fall Equinox of the Autumn Equinox.

The autumn Equniox is the mid-point between the summer and the winter solstice. On this day, the Sun appears directly over the equator after which it starts its south-bound journey.

The last Eclipse of the year happens on the 2nd of October, which would be an Annular Solar Eclipse hosted by your very own sign. This is a time when you are urged to follow your passion. But do take some time for self-care.

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and knowledge transits through your 8th house of Taurus till the 26th of May. This might bring about challenges with your finances and health. Then its transit to Gemini in May-end, shifts the focus towards  higher studies and your spiritual pursuits.

Saturn travels through the sign of Pisces, your 6th house for all of 2024. This makes you to find ways for being more efficient and effective  in life. Health and self-improvement becomes your major focal point for the period.

Uranus is in your 8th house of Taurus for the year. This is the house of transformation and Uranus’ transit to the 8th house shakes things a little bit around. There might be unexpected happenings in life.

Neptune moves through the sign of Pisces, your 6th house in 2024. This would make you a helper in life. But make sure that you are not overtly utilized or taken advantage of by others around.

Pluto, the outermost planet of our solar system transits through the 4th house of Capricorn for Libras till the 20th of November, 2024. This changes your view about home and helps you to bring about some changes in your approach to family relationships. Then its transit to your 5th house of Aquarius would make you obsessed with speculative deals or love relationships. Be cautious of this transit.

You are a rock that the other zodiac signs cling onto in times of trials. Hence keep your head high and lend a helping hand to those in need and the planets around shall guide you in this venture.

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