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Leo, the luminary Sun is your ruler and its transit through the zodiac sky stands to influence your life through the year ahead. Particularly the summer season when the Sun shines right above your head, and the solar eclipse season stand to sway your life.

As the year starts there would be a Full Moon in your sign on the 25th of January. This is the time to find out your forte.

April 8th would see a Solar eclipse in the sign of Aries, your 9th sign. Expect some changes in your paternal relationships and higher studies prospects then. There might be some set backs in these areas as the Sun gets eclipsed by the Moon.

Mercury, the communicator enters your sign on the 2nd of July, 2024. This would take care of your finances, but then your health might need some attention around this time.

Following, the Sun Venus also enters Leo on the 11th of July. This Venus transit boosts the energy levels of Leos and makes them quite attractive.

On the 22nd of July, the Sun enters the sign of Leo starting the Leo season. This makes the Leos to hog the limelight for a months’ time.

Leo hosts the New Moon for the year on the 4th of August, an ideal time to express your deepest desires in life.

The Sun and the Mercury get into exact conjunction (0 deg) on the 19th of August in your sign of Leo. This would make you more assertive and expressive.

In August, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign for about three weeks’ time and this might be a great dampener for your energy levels. This retrograde phase affects you more than the other retrogrades of Mercury as you right in the eye of the storm!

There would be yet another Solar Eclipse in your 3rd house of Libra on the 2nd of October, 2024. You tend to feel the effects of the Solar Eclipse more strongly with the Sun being your ruler. This eclipse is likely to bring about major transformations in your life.

The fiery planet Mars enters your sign on the 4th of November this year. This transit brings about confidence and gives much pleasure for the Leos.

In mid-November, be ready to view the great Leonids Meteor showers that take place in your sign, perhaps a great spectacle to behold by the mighty Leos.

Jupiter transits through your 10th house of Taurus till the 26th of May emphasising career performance and growth. Then it shifts to your 11th house of Gemini when your social life gets  the attention.

Saturn, the great disciplinarian travels through your 8th house of Pisces all this year. Saturn’s transit through the 8th house is not a generally good transit. It brings about death of old values and might connote some negative sense as well. You would be trying your hands in different areas of life.

Uranus transits along with Jupiter in your 10th house of Taurus. This would bring about unexpected changes in your career part of life.

Neptune transits along with Saturn all this year in your 8th house of Pisces. Here you might encounter some challenges regarding your shared finances or property through the transit period.

Pluto traverses through your 6th house of Capricorn till the end of November, 2024. This transit makes you quite sacrificial, but make sure you do not overdo the same. Then Pluto moves to the 7th house when it brings profound changes to your relationships.

Leos are asked to remain alert this 2024 as there are some planet influences that might annoy you. But stay strong, this too shall pass.

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