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The Water bearers are in for an eventful year in 2024 with much planetary fireworks on the anvil.

To start with the Sun enters their sign on the 20th of January starting the Aquarius season. This would give you better identity and you would be nearing your goals.

Then on the following day, Pluto enters your sign on the 21st of January, highlighting political wars and gender battles around.

The New Moon in Aquarius shows up on the 9th of February in 2024. This would initiate new beginnings in the life of Aquarius folks. You would be able redefine your goals as well.

On the 13th of February, Mars the fiery planet would be entering your sign. This would make the Aquarians to be cool enough to make some assertive stands and rash decisions.

Following Mars, Venus also follows suit and enters the sign of Aquarius on the 16th of February. This would make the Aquarius native a bit more romantic making some better acquaintances in life.

The season of Eclipse starts for Aquarius with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 25th of March in the 9th house of Libra. This eclipse occurring in your 9th house would give you opportunities to travel a lot.

This is followed by a Total Solar Eclipse in your 3rd house of Aries on the 8th of April. This might meddle with your routine, however would bring about financial discipline for the natives.

Then we have the outer most planet of our solar system, namely Pluto turning retrograde in your sign on the 2nd of May. This would remind you of some unfinished works.

And then your ruler Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on the 29th of June. This might put some halt to your forward movement, hindering your health and finances.

The Full Moon in your sign for the year takes place on the 19th of August. This would help you bring about a balance between your preferences and that of your loved ones.

The second pair of eclipse then sets in with a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the 2nd house of Pisces for Aquarius people on the 18th of September. This would give a fillip to your finances.

That would be followed by an Annular Solar Eclipse on the 2nd of October in your 9th house of Libra. And this would bring the focus to your paternal links, higher studies and religious pursuits.

The retrograding Saturn would be going direct in your 2nd house of Pisces on the 15th of November, when things would be back on track after some hiatus.

As the final curtains down event, Pluto enters your sign on the 20th of November. This is likely to bring about a major transformation in the lives of the freedom-loving Aquarius folks.

Jupiter, the planet of wealth and wisdom transits your 4th house of Taurus for the year 2024 till the 20th of May. This would benefit your domestic life greatly. Then it shifts to your 5th house of Gemini where it stays for the whole year ahead. This brings your creativity to the fore.

Saturn stays in your 2nd house of Pisces for the year, and the spotlight would be on your finances. This would give you time to organize your finances.

Uranus, your modern ruler is in Taurus as it was in last year. This being your 4th house would bring about small changes in your home life. Patience and a slow approach would assure you domestic bliss. Uranus turns retrograde from the start of September. This cautions to take it slow and take one step at a time.

Neptune traverses through your 2nd house of Pisces all through the year along with Saturn. It would bring about a change in your attitude towards money and material possessions.

Pluto transits through your 12th house of Capricorn for the year. This is likely to bring about a deep change in your psyche. Then it moves to your own sign on the 20th of November and this would be a difficult transit but it brings about quality changes in your life.

You are known to push boundaries, and this year the planetary influences around are likely to push it further on, be ready for the ride, Aquarius.

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