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2024 is supposed to be a year when Dhanus Rasi people or those with Sagittarius Moon would be fortunate enough and blessed with all the good things in life. Almost all areas of your life like health, family, love and finances would do well, though there would be occasional hitches. Dhanus students would achieve success in their studies thanks to the presence of Ketu in the 6th house. The Sages would do well in career if they are dedicated to their work. You would get favour from authorities and peers in work place. Foreign travel on the cards for Dhanus people this year. You also stand  to achieve good finances and prosperity through the year. The planets would bless you with good health and cheer for the year though Ketu might interfere. 2024 would be a favorable period for Dhanus Rasi folks, particularly the second half of the year would be much eventful for you. Saturn in your 2nd house would assure that your finances and family life or well under wraps for the year.

Dhanus-  Health Horoscope 2024

There would be marked improvement in the general health and well being of Dhanus Rasi people this year when compared to the previous years. However natives are asked not to be complacent but be vigilant of their health. Be cautious of what you drink and eat and how you conduct your life. Occasional issues might haunt you thanks to the position of Ketu through the year. Seasonal illnesses would strike you but there would be no major impacts on life. Some natives would suffer from respiratory disorders and issues connected with digestion. In general, this would be a good year in terms of health for Dhanus Rasi people.

Dhanus- Love and Marriage  Horoscope 2024

Love and Marriage would have mixed conditions in 2024 for Dhanus Rasi people. This year would present you with opportunities to showcase your love and commitment to your partner. There would be much emotions, romance and happiness in your love life. The first quarter of the year brings you closer to your partner. But then there would be some rifts and misunderstandings with your lover or partner during the second quarter. Laying low and maintaining a calm composure would help you, do not yield to any sort of fights with him or her. Then the second half of the year would elevate your love or marriage to a whole new level. There would be much luck in this area. However, health of partner might take a beating around the last quarter of 2024. This is a good time to spend quality time with your partner by taking care of them or travelling with them. This would strengthen your bond. Mars in the 7th house might bring about occasional temper tantrums with your partner. Children at home would bring luck and fortune for Dhanus people during the year. Do not let your parents or In-laws interfere in your relationship that might troubles the sanctity of your relationship.

Dhanus- Finance  Horoscope 2024

Dhanus Rasi people would see a period that would be financially satisfactory this year. Saturn or Shani in your 2nd house would assure you with good monetary benefits all this year. However there would unwanted expenditure bothering you as well due to the presence of Ketu around. This would be a  good time to channel your financial inflows towards better investment plans. The first and the last quarter of 2024 favors your financial affairs when there would be much money flow. All this year, Dhanus people are promised with a stable financial standing. Natives are advised not to indulge their finances but to spend it constructively in  social or charity works that would bring good karma to them in the coming days. Family would ask a major share of your finances, make sure that you are not taken advantage of for the period.

Dhanus- Career Horoscope 2024

The career prospects of Dhanus Rasi people or the Sages would be better rewarding through the year ahead. Natives stand to get the good will and favour of higher authorities and colleagues in work place. Through the year you would be guided to achieve your goals and ambitions in life. Sages into business are promised with much luck and gains through 2024. The first and the last quarter of the year would be vital in shaping your future destiny with regard to business or career. However hard work and commitment is asked for. Mid-year brings about promotions and pay hikes for those into business. The last few months of the year is favourable for travel related to career. If relocation is cherished then this year would be the ideal time to initiate a move. Discipline and commitment would take you to new heights in career through the year ahead.

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