Total Shadbala

Temporal Strength

All the factors of Shadbala are added together. This total is called "Virupa". This is divided by 60 and becomes the "Rupa" total.It is this Shadbala calculation that is given the most weight.This amount is divided differently relative to each planet:

Division of Rupa Total by Planet


by 5 or 6


by 6


by 5


by 7


by 6.5


by 5.5


by 5

This gives the Shadbala Power Ratio. A planet requires a power ratio of at least 1.0 to have sufficient Shadbala strength. Most planets get this rather easily. Saturn is most likely to be low. Planets with higher Shadbalas gain greater power and over those with lower. This is usually the case.

However, there are charts with all planets high in Shadbala and the person has had a miserable life and accomplished nothing. This can be traced to common afflictions like bad aspects or difficult house positions. These things cannot simply be erased by positive Shadbala indications.

There are also charts that have no planets high in Shadbala doing quite well.

Yet, generally if a Shadbala is either very low or very high, it will indicate something very weak or very strong about the planet. Average Shadbalas may give good or bad results depending upon other factors. While Hitler did not have a very high Mars in terms of Shadbala, it was sufficient and its strength was indicated by its position in the chart.

Therefore, though of much value, the details of Shadbala may require a specific analysis for us to really benefit from them. Again, there is no simple way to reduce astrological judgments to mechanical calculations. All such systems though generally useful must have many exceptions.

Good and Bad Results of Planets

Called Ishta and Kashta Phala in Sanskrit, this refers to the ability of planets to give good or bad results during their periods.

A planet's power to good during its period is determined by multiplying its Exaltation Strength by its Motional Strength and taking the square root of it. Its power to do ill is determined by subtracting the Exaltation Strength by sixty and the Motional Strength by 60, multiplying them and taking the square root of that. These two totals are compared. If the power to do good is higher, then the planet will give good results during its periods. If the power to do ill is higher, it will tend to cause difficulties.

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