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Diseases caused by planets

Typical diseases caused by Saturn:

Diseases caused by Saturn are chronic and caused by accumulated waste materials as well as constitutional and congenital weakness. Under its domain are constipation, low vitality, poor resistance and poor digestion.

It gives numbness, stiffness, rigidity and spasms it causes depression and hypo function of the organs. Typical Saturn caused diseases include arthritis, rheumatism, premature aging, broken bones or osteoporosis, nervous disorders including paralysis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and cancer. Also Saturn causes deafness, failure of vision, emaciation, and deformity. It gives deficiency of vital fluids, pain and itch.

Typical diseases caused by Mars:

Mars represents injury particularly those that cause bleeding. Indicates acute febrile and infectious diseases with high fever and toxins. It causes inflammation and burning sensations. Mars gives liver and bladder disorders including hepatitis and cancer of the liver. It causes impure blood including boils, ulcerative sores, herpes and venereal diseases. It can cause cancer of the blood (leukemia) and may also cause anemia. It may cause hypertension.

Healing Astrology

Typical diseases caused by Rahu:

Rahu indicates mysterious and difficult to treat diseases of various types. It shows collective health problems like epidemics and can cause weakness of the immune system, endocrine system and degenerative diseases like cancer. It indicates poisoning, pollution, radiation and other environmental problems. Rahu also indicates nervous disorders like neurosis, hysteria, vertigo, fright and convulsions and possession on a psychic level. It gives nervous digestion, loss of appetite and parasites.

Typical diseases relating to Mercury:

Mercury indicates air related diseases with weak lungs and nervous disorders. It gives cough, allergies and hay fever. It may cause speech defects, lack of intelligence, growth difficulties and coordination problems. There could be premature loss of graying of the hair. There may be excessive stomach acidity and other inflammatory disorders.

Diseases caused by Rahu and Ketu generally difficult to treat:

Rahu-Ketu axis is called a karmic axis. Ketu related diseases are caused by ripened (prarabdha) karma, which is not possible to avert even for Tathagata (famous saying of lord Shakyamuni about ripened results of past actions). Rahu related diseases are related to a collective karma, which native is sharing in a given time–space continuum. It means that causes of such disease are often on subtle or even causal levels and symptomatic treatment, which is used by western medicine, can fail in such cases.

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