Traditional Hindu Computative Method

Astrology and Realtionship Counseling

Astrology is a helpful tool in relationship counseling because it reveals the energetic issues behind relationships.t can help each person see their partner's view of the world,Iwhich is usually not the same as their own. It can also help show the factors of projection what we are

imagining about the partner which may not be their nature and must eventually cause problems. Sometimes we may be relating to one planetary influence in another person but not the others.Yet relationship counseling can be difficult, particularly for clients having trouble in their relationships with each other, for those seeking divorce, or if one partner is trying to use the reading to get the other partner into or out of a marriage.

For this reason, we recommend doing individual readings before doing readings for couples. It is easiest to do a compatibility reading if the relationship is just beginning and no major commitments and attachments have been formed. If the relationship is already established, we might want to orient the reading more toward helping the couple understand each other, rather than telling them if they are really compatible in the long run. Hence, a certain amount of discretion may be required, even the charts do not look good together.

This is the easiest area of astrological counseling where we can offend or upset other people, even if we are right. The important thing is to give the client advice that they are able to use.

These relationship issues have been mainly oriented toward male-female or marriage relationships. However, they apply to some extent to all human relationships. People with whom we have disharmonious Moons are likely to be trouble to work with or be friends with. Other relationship incompatibilities, whether judged by the comparative or computative methods, can yield similar problems. Hence, if we have an associate that it is particularly easy or particularly difficult to be with, it can help to examine the charts to see what the conflicting patterns may be.

Even as astrologers we can be aware of these patterns. For example, I have Mars in Scorpio in my birthchart. Hence I understand that clients with the Moon in Scorpion are more likely to feel criticized, hurt or even offended by what I may say because of the effect of Mars on the Moon. With them I am inclined to be particularly sensitive to avoid hurting their feelings even on minor issues.