Temple's Speciality:
Temple's Speciality:

Parvathi Devi performed Tapas in this sthalam to marry Shiva and finally got married in this sthalam and hence it is called as "Thiru Mananchery". There is yet another speciality about this sthalam. One among the form of Lord Shiva is Arulmighu Dhakshina moorthy in Yoga ( in deep tapas) form and to get him out of that tapas, Manmadhan, the God of love threw an arrow of flower on Shiva; Lord Shiva opened his 3rd eye from the forehead and made Manmadhan into Ash; Rathi devi wife of Manmadhan requested Lord Shiva to get her husband back and got him in this Thirumanancheri Sthalam only. Yet another special attraction of this temple is the Posture of Shiva in the form of Sri Kalyana Sundarar in the beautiful marriage pose along with Ambal.


Sukra God


Poorvaphalguni - Front legs of bed


Zodiac Leo


Sri Arulvallalnathar

Amman / Thayar

Sri Kokilambal

Old year

1000-2000 years old






Tamil Nadu





Sri Kalyanasundarar Temple

Tirumanancheri near Mayiladuturai, Kutralam

Phone: 04364 - 235002.

Opening Time:

The temple is open from6.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.


Four worship services are offered each day here. The Tirukkalyanam is celebrated in the month of Chittirai; Kartikai Deepam, Arudra Darisanam and Navaratri are also celebrated here.

Temple History:

This is a 10th Century Chola Temple. There is a moat around the temple. Once upon a time, Parvathy wanted to marry Shiva in an earthly marriage with all religious rites on the earth; Brahma, Vishnu and Indira came to earth as acharya in Thiruvaduthurai; while playing chokkattan (similar to Thaayam), Vishnu won and his sister Parvathy laughed aloud; Lord Shiva was angry and said "Ada pasuve!" and Parvathy was born as a cow on earth; Vishnu became her herder at Therazhundur; Barathamuni had no children and he prayed the Lord; he was given permission to remove her curse and so he converted her cow shape to a feminine figure at Thiruvavaduthurai; she grew up at Kuthalam alias Thiruthuruthi in Bharathamuni's house; Lord Shiva came to marry her as promised earlier and Barathamuni received him at Ethirkolpadi; Shiva performed all the marriage rites at Velvikkudi before marriage; then he married Parvathy at Thirumanancheri. Shiva hence gets the name 'Pasupathy'.

It is also said that two girls promised each other that their son and daughter would marry in future; one got a beautiful girl while the other gave birth to a turtle–shaped boy; the former refused the marriage; the latter appealed to the Lord; he converted the turtle to a handsome young man; marriage went off well; so goes the story; hence the belief is that the physical disabilities of the spouse will be either corrected by the Lord or overlooked by the other spouse; hence the marriage obstacles would be removed once you come and pray in this temple.

To bless the devout multitude on earth, Lord Shiva and Parvathi got married in five different types. The celestial wedding that took place in this sacred spot was performed according to the sastras followed by human beings. When Shiva and Parvathi were in a happy mood in their abode in Mount Kailash a strange idea struck Parvathi. Instead of the usual fight that separates the couple after which they unite in wedlock , Parvathi thought it correct and logical to request Shiva to marry her another time. Parvathi requested Shiva to marry her again which he accepted with joy and also informed the time of their wedding. Parvathi became impatient as there was a fairly long time for the marriage. She became callous and cold shouldered towards Shiva.

Shiva got angry Shiva watched her behavior and in a fit of anger cursed her to be separated from him and take the form of a cow. Parvathi incarnated as a cow and roamed in the jungle. She was always thinking of her spouse while loitering in Asukadau( forest) as the divine cow . There Parvathi spotted a Lingam and showered it with milk from its udder. Shiva was overjoyed to see the devotion of his consort.

Another legend is that once Bharatha Maharishi was conducting a yaga and Shiva thought it apt to make Parvathi appear from the yaga kundam. A divine damsel emerged from the yaga kundam and the sage Bharatha was happy to see her and considered her as a holy girl. He was worried about finding a suitable groom for her. The Lord appeared in his dream and assured him that he would marry her as she is none other than Parvathi. Shiva also wished that the sage should perform the wedding in a grand manner. Thus the Sage meticulously looked after the wedding arrangements. The divine wedding took place in Thirumananjeri which was witnessed by celestial beings. Since the Thirumanam (Wedding) took place at Thirumananjeri, this place is called Thirumananjeri.