Kumbha Rasi

Sign No : 11

Type : Air

Lord : Saturn

English Name : Aquarius

Sanskrit Name : Kumbha

Meaning of Sanskrit Name : The Pitcher


Very great saints and thinkers have been born in this house. Among the 12 signs of the zodiac this sign is attached to occult subjects. The people of this house will have unexpected travels. They have to face problems on the domestic front.

Their friends influence them more than their relatives. They are generally idealists. If major planets favour this sign they have the potential to become ideal

servants of humanity who contribute great knowledge and wisdom for the progress of mankind. The materialistic prosperity of these people are linked to their spiritual nature itself. If they lack spirituality, they are bound to become self-centered and unconcerned of the progress of humanity.

kumbha Rasi Palan

Physically these people may suffer from the ailments connected with legs, teeth, eyes and ears. They may also suffer from lack of blood circulation. Good Dasas are of Ravi, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Bad Dasas are that of Jupiter, Moon and Mars.

Temple For Rasis

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