Astrological remedies for bad planetary positions

It is a wise decision when we try to identify our planetary positions in our natal chart and then work accordingly. It is essential to know which is a good or bad planet and their positions with the help of an astrologer. Also the astrologers may help us to identify the way in which the planets are going to affect our life. When the planets are positioned well in our birth chart then they are termed as good planet or

benefic whereas when it is placed in the wrong place they are the bad planets or said to be malefic. The good planets will help us to aspire in all the endeavors we do. But when the planet is in the wrong place it is sure to bring unfavorable problems in an individual's life. This can be only taken care by time and by performing remedies or parikarams to please the planet thereby helping the affected to come out of stressful, uncomfortable and painful situations.

bad planetary position

From the study of Vedic astrology it is predicted that all the planets are divided into auspicious planets and inauspicious planets. The auspicious planets are namely the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus which give good results whereas the inauspicious planets namely the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu most of the time end up in giving bad results to the native. But the so-called inauspicious planets in spite of their malefic nature are also sometimes known for their good results. Also there are chances of an auspicious planet to end up giving inauspicious results like if Moon is placed in Scorpio, Mercury in the Pisces sign, and Jupiter in the sign Capricorn and Venus in Virgo and then they are considered as malefic planets or mild planets,instead of auspicious planets.

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If Sun is in the sign of Aries, Mars is in Capricorn, Saturn is in Libra, Rahu is placed in Gemini and Ketu is placed in the house of Sagittarius, then they are known as dignified or glorious planets. Thus when the planets are high in the horoscope they don't give any malefic results and are hence auspicious in nature. There are many factors which decide whether a planet is good or bad. Some of them are given below,

 bad planets

- The positions where the planets are placed.

- The position of the house in accordance to their Ascendant.

- The power or the strength in its own sign, either friendly or venerable sign.

- The passing through of the planets.

When the Sun is in a weak planetary position then it results in the individuals with such a birth chart to have laziness in their body, general body pain not pertaining to any particular part of the body, constant saliva secretion in the mouth and uninvited problems mainly involving the Government department. Some of the common remedies suggested by experts in the field of Astrology are:

- It is always good to start a day or any auspicious work by eating some sweet and then drinking water.

- Drinking of water is also good before going out.

- The astrologers suggest donating jaggery and wheat and immersing copper coin in flowing water like a river or a stream.When the planet Venus is positioned in Virgo sign then it considered as a weak planet. If this is the position of the Venus planet in a person's birth chart then the native will not enjoy any material happiness. His or her married life will not be happy and also there will be lot of financial crisis. The individuals are prone for accidents. The remedies for such a bad planetary placement are:


- Donation of cows and also feed the cow before we eat.

- Donation of ghee, camphor, curd and white pearl.

- Be hygienic with regular baths and clean clothes.

- Diamond ring is recommended in the little finger.When Jupiter is positioned in the ninth house it is quite inauspicious for the concerned person may behave with ill- manners to his or her father, gurus and sages. The individual with such a natal chart would be triggered to do all bad and evil things. Thus all the auspicious fact of Jupiter is lost and will lead to problems like hair fall, addiction, obstacles in education,

theft of gold/ silver and losing his or her fame. Some of the suggested remedies are:

- It is good to pray to the peepal tree and water it every morning.

- Donation of saffron, turmeric, gram dal, gold and any yellow object in the temple.

- It is also suggested to apply tilak of kesar or yellow chandan on forehead, tongue, and naval.

- Can feed cow with gram dhal.

When the Moon is placed in a weak position in the birth chart, then the individuals are likely to face problems like demise of horse or milk-giving animals. Also there are chances of the mother's health being affected by heart diseases. Some of the remedies for such a malefic condition are:

- Immerse a square of silver in flowing water.

- A small pot filled with milk or water is kept down near the head rest of an individual's bed while sleeping .

- the next morning this has to be poured into the roots of a kikar tree.

- At any cost carry a bit of silver, rice and water with you.

When the planets Moon and Mars are in a weak position it is good to avoid drinking milk in the night and donate milk in the Bhiaro temple. Some of the common ill effects caused by the bad planetary or weakness of Mars will result in problems like death of newly-born baby in the family, problems in eyes, abnormality in blood and pain in the joints. Also it results in a ruined relationship with brothers. Some of the common remedies include:

- Tandoori rotis can be fed for dog.

- Donation of rabri and red masoor dal in the temple.

- Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day and more specifically on Tuesdays after which Prasad can be distributed to people in the Hanuman temple.

- Application of white kajal to the eyes.

A weak or a bad planetary positioning of the Mercury planet will result in problems related to hearing and speech for that particular age, sense disability to any good or bad smell in the environment, stammering, spoiled relation with friends and diseases of nervous system, etc. Some of the common remedies include:

- It is recommended to pierce the nose and to clean the teeth with alum every day.

- Burn the Kouries and immerse the ash in the flowing water of the river on the same day.

- Gemstone like emerald is recommended especially in the little finger.

- Take a copper coin and make a hole in the centre and then drop it in the flowing water.

Saturn when badly placed in one's natal chart causes different problems like cracks in different parts of the house or sometime even the entire building may get collapsed at the time of construction. May also lead to death of buffaloes and shutting down of workplace, industries and even selling of house. There will be lot of hair fall especially in the eyebrows. We can please Shani dev with lot of remedies:

- Donation of iron, mustard oil and soap to poor.

- Daatun can be done with kikar wood.

- It is good to feed cows and fishes especially with sweet wheat balls.

- To increase wealth serve the monkeys.

- Get rid of all the wrong deeds by visiting a shani temple on Saturday.

- Do abhishekam and worship Lord Shiva.

- By donating eye medicines eye problems related to the natives can be cured.

- Can be blessed with progeny by serving snakes.

- It is good to worship Goddess Kali or Durga and Bhairon Baba.

- The Saturn planet is always considered as a part of the poor and old people.

- So when we serve the poor and old people, by all chance we are blessed by Shanidev where all the evil effects caused by Shani can be removed.

When the planet Rahu is weak in our birth chart then it will lead to sudden accidents, injuries, phobias and mental diseases. Some of the common remedies for such a planetary position include:

- Drop coconut in the flowing water specifically a river or a stream.

- Wash barely with milk and along with coal drop it in the flowing water.

- Be kind to vultures and offer food to them.

- Have a plait on the head, try to live in joint family and have good relationship with them.

- It is good to worship Goddess Saraswathi.

- Can help the poor especially by donating for weddings.

When Ketu is placed in a bad planetary position it will result in urinal diseases, back bone and joint pain, problems with nails especially in the foot. There might be lot of problems faced because of children especially son. The remedies given by astrologers are:

- Dogs can be kept as a pet and fed properly.

- Ear piercing should be done.

- A person with urinary problem is recommended to wear a silver ring tied to a silk thread in the neck.

- Black blankets can be donated to the poor and needy when the behavior of son is ungovernable.