Rahu Remedies

The planet Rahu, also known as the head of the dragon, is a shadow planet in Vedic astrology. The position of Rahu is calculated from the position of the Sun and Moon. Rahu is always 7 houses away from the planet Ketu. Although, Rahu is a shadow planet it holds huge significance in an individual life. The position of the planet Rahu in an individual natal chart i.e., the sign/house placement, determines our goal in this life and what are the things we need to achieve in this physical life.

Rahu being a shadow planet does not have many characteristics of its own. It boosts the qualities and characteristics of the sign/house it is placed in and the planet it is conjunct with. Rahu is associated with technology, electricity, buildings, and innovations. Rahu is the co-ruler of the sign of Aquarius along with Saturn.

Similar to all other planets, Rahu gives positive results in few placements, and it feels uncomfortable in few placements giving negative results. All the twelve zodiac signs can be classified into four main elements namely- fire, water, wind, and earth. Rahu, similar to Saturn does well in the Air and Earth signs. In the Air signs namely – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, Rahu makes an individual extraordinarily intellectual. Although, in the sign of Libra, Rahu does not feel comfortable and can give negative results. In the Earth signs namely – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, Rahu makes an individual materialistic and ambitious. Contrary to this Rahu feels uncomfortable and gives negative results in the fire and water signs. In the water signs namely – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, Rahu makes a person emotionally overwhelming with frequent fluctuation in attitude and disturbs an individual emotionally. In the fire signs namely – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, Rahu makes a person impulsive with frequent risk-taking behaviors. Rahu can also bring temperament problems when placed in a fire sign. Rahu is considered to be exalted in the sign of Taurus and debilitated in the sign of Scorpio. Rahu gains maximum directional strength in the 6th house and feels directionless in the 12th house.

The planet Rahu shows different characteristics when it comes in conjunction with or receives the aspect of other planets. Rahu amplifies the qualities of the planet it is under the influence of. When placed with planets like the Sun and Moon it forms an eclipse over these planets giving negative results. Rahu when placed with the planet Jupiter makes an individual who has low moral values, these individuals usually take advantage of other people. Rahu when placed with Venus makes a person impulsive, insecure, and jealous in relationships. This person usually cheats in a relationship. Rahu when placed with Mars can result in excessive energy, risk-taking behavior, and anti-social activities. On the other hand, when placed with Saturn makes a person organized, and when placed with mercury gifts a person with extraordinary intelligence.

It is always recommended to visit an astrologer to get a detailed analysis of your birth horoscope done. Although, there are a few common symptoms of a weak or afflicted Rahu. This individual can become cunning with low moral values, usually takes undue advantage of people. A weak and afflicted Rahu can result in mental health issues, such as personality disorder. Rahu can result in breaks in education and career. Rahu can also cause few major health-related problems.

There are a few practical remedies that can be followed to balance the energy of the Rahu in our lives and get positive results out of it:

 • To improve the effects of a weak or afflicted Rahu one must keep a Peacock feather in their house or carry it with themselves. Peacock feather is a great remedy for Rahu.

 • To empower Rahu, we must get rid of your impulsivity. You must avoid making impulsive decisions or cheat on your partners.

 • Avoid indulging in any kind of substance abuse.

 • Worship of kalbhairav helps in removing the negative effects of the planet Rahu.

 • Chanting the Rahu beej mantra is an effective way of improving a weak or afflicted Rahu.

 • Bad speech and hurtful attitude are prominent symptoms of a weak or afflicted. Never hurt someone intentionally. Always take responsibility for your actions and avoid hurtful or insulting speech.

 • Rahu is represented by cats. Taking care of cats and protecting them can act as a remedy for Rahu. If you have a weak Rahu never hurt a cat.

 • The shadow planet Rahu represents electrical items such as mobiles computers electricity laptops. Try to repair all your electrical items as soon as they start showing some problems and take good care of them.