Jupiter Remedies

In Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter represents our idols, morals, and principles. The planet Jupiter is considered to be the planet of abundance and expansion. Jupiter blesses the house it is placed in. The planet Jupiter rules to zodiac signs namely Sagittarius, pieces. Apart from these, Jupiter is the significator of wealth, children, teachers, etc.

Strong Jupiter can bless a person with good values, wealth, comfort, and direction in life. Good Jupiter can also signify an individual getting good teachers or Gurus and education. On the other hand, when Jupiter is weak or damaged in a person's natal chart it can signify a break in education, lack of moral values, problems related to wealth, etc.

Similar to all other planets, Jupiter gives positive and auspicious results in few placements, and on the other hand, Jupiter feels uncomfortable in few placements resulting in negative effects. All the twelve zodiac signs can be classified into four main elements namely- fire, water, wind, and earth. Jupiter feels comfortable in the fire and water signs. Whereas, it feels uncomfortable in the air and earth signs. Jupiter represents our values and morals. Therefore, when Jupiter is placed in a fire sign, it signifies high values or principles. When Jupiter is placed in water signs it makes a person good-natured and liked by others. These individuals find happiness in helping others. Jupiter in the earth signs makes a person materialistic and goal-oriented. Jupiter in the air sign makes an individual confused about their moral values. Jupiter is considered to be exalted in the sign of Cancer and debilitated in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter gets its maximum strength in the 1st house and feels directionless in the 7th house.

The planet Jupiter shows different characteristics when it comes in conjunction with or receives the aspect of other planets. Jupiter is considered to be the most auspicious and benefic planet in Vedic astrology. Wherever Jupiter is placed it comes with some gifts and rewards related to that placement. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It enhances the positive qualities of the planets, houses, and signs it is placed in. When it is connected to planets like the Sun, Moon, Mars, or Ketu. It forms auspicious yoga and gives positive results in an individual's life. On the other hand, when it is connected to planets such as Mercury, Rahu, Saturn, and Venus it is not positive to such extent.

It is always recommended to visit an astrologer to get a detailed analysis of your birth horoscope done. Although, there are a few common symptoms of a weak or afflicted Jupiter. Jupiter represents our moral values, gurus, education, etc. When Jupiter is weak or afflicted it is observed that the person comes under the influence of the wrong Guru or teachers. They generally have weak moral values. It is also observed that these individual experiences break in their education and generally finds it very hard to pursue higher education. These individuals are generally not liked by other people due to a lack of values. These individuals generally suffer from bad luck.

There are a few practical remedies that can be followed to balance the energy of Jupiter in our lives and get positive results out of it:

 • Jupiter represents gurus and mentors in an individual's birth horoscope. Improving relationships with your gurus or teachers can be a great remedy. Disrespecting your teachers will further aggregate the negative impact of the planet Jupiter.

 • Jupiter represents values and morals. This planet is linked to our index finger. for this reason, when you are having a weak or afflicted Jupiter, it is never a good idea to point your finger at others. Blaming others out of your ego will worsen the condition of Jupiter in your horoscope. Practicing humility is a good remedy for Jupiter.

 • The planet Jupiter is associated with our crown chakra. Practicing crown chakra meditation regularly improves the strength and condition of the planet Jupiter.

 • To improve the quality of the planet Jupiter, an individual can chant worship lord Vishnu. Chanting Shri Hari Stotam, chanting the mantra " Om Namo bhagwate Vasudevaye".

 • The beej mantra of Brihaspati is "Om gram greem graum Saha gurave Namaha", 108 times every morning.

 • An easy and practical remedy to improve the quality of the planet Jupiter is to consume honey and turmeric every day in the morning.

 • Wearing a yellow tilak every day on your forehead which is made out of turmeric, jaggery, and honey can give you prominent results.

 • You may also wear a tulsi mala or tie a yellow thread to your neck.

 • Conducting a Satya Narayan puja which includes homas and at your house will give you prominent instant results.