Mercury Remedies

In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be the planet of logic and communication. The planet Mercury rules two zodiac signs namely – Gemini and Virgo. The planet Mercury is considered to be the planet of diplomacy. Our practical intelligence and an analytical mind are associated with Mercury. Mercury controls our entire conscious mind and ability to make decisions. Mercury is one of the most important planets when it comes to our daily lives.

It impacts our judgments, estimation, work, and ability to communicate with others. Individuals having a strong Mercury can make quick judgments have good reasoning ability, academic excellence, and problem-solving capabilities. On the other hand, weak mercury can result in irrational decision-making, miscommunication, and messed-up minds.

Similar to all other planets, Venus gives positive results in few placements, and on the other hand, Mercury feels uncomfortable in few placements resulting in negative results. All the twelve zodiac signs can be classified into four main elements namely- fire, water, wind, and earth. Mercury feels comfortable and gives auspicious results in the air and earth signs. Mercury in the air signs results in a practical mindset and Mercury in the Earth signs results in ambitious nature. Whereas, it gives negative results in the fire and water signs. When Mercury is placed in a fire sign it can make your communication assertive. An individual can get into trouble for their harsh communication. When Mercury is placed in a water sign, an individual suffers from confusion and impractical attitude. Mercury is considered to be exalted in its sign of Virgo and is considered to be debilitated in the sign of Pisces. It gains its maximum directional strength in the 1st house and feels directionless in the 7th house.

Mercury gives different results under the influence of different planets. When Mercury is in conjunction with or aspected by different planets, it gives different results. When Mercury comes under the influence of the Moon it makes an individual have a practical mindset. When Mercury comes under the influence of the Sun it forms an auspicious yoga, called Budhaditya Yoga. This yoga rewards an individual with extreme intelligence and a bright personality. Mercury does well with planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu. Mercury under the influence of Venus can make a person diplomatic towards relationship. Although, Mercury gives delayed speech and problems related to communication when it comes under the influence of Ketu.

It is always recommended to visit an astrologer to get a detailed analysis of your birth horoscope done. Although, there are a few common symptoms of a weak or afflicted Mercury. A very common symptom of a weak afflicted Mercury is problems related to academics. Mercury is the planet dominating our practical mind. Therefore, a weak Mercury can result in weak, practical, and analytical skills and low reasoning ability. Another common symptom of a weak or afflicted Mercury is making wrong or impractical decisions. These individuals tend to make impulsive or emotional decisions in life and they often suffer due to those choices. As communication is ruled by the planet Mercury, a weak or afflicted Mercury can result in miscommunication or confusion.

There are a few practical remedies that can be followed to balance the energy of the Mercury in our lives and get positive results out of it:

 • Mercury is associated with our communication. To empower the planet Mercury, you must never use a curse word, never lie, try to have good and clear communication with others.

 • Planting trees and watering them regularly is a great remedy for the planet Mercury. This will give results instantly.

 • To empower the planet Mercury, you must regularly practice mental activities. Empowering the planet Mercury is equivalent to empowering our conscious mind.

 • Worship goddess Saraswati regularly to improve a weak or afflicted Mercury.

 • Individuals having speech problems must try and improve it to improve a weak or afflicted Mercury. They can do this by starting to speak Infront of the mirror.

 • Regular practicing of debate is a good solution for a weak Mercury but make sure your argument is logical rather than hurtful.

 • The planet Mercury has an association with our throat chakra. One must regularly practice throat chakra meditation.