Moon Remedies

In Vedic astrology, the planet Moon represents our mind, nourishment, and our mother. The planet Moon is the most significant planet impacting our daily lives. As Moon represents our mind, a strong Moon can make a person emotionally balanced and stable. Whereas, a weak Moon can result in anxiety, depression, anti-social attitude, insomnia, and anger issues. We need a stable mind to perform almost all of our daily activities. Moon also represents mother, nutrition, and our comfort zone.

A strong Moon can result in a good pleasant relationship with mother and comfortable childhood. Apart from this, the planet Moon signifies our original personality or how we are from inside.There are a few placements of the Moon which serves positive and auspicious result.

Whereas, there are few placements where the planet Moon feels uncomfortable giving negative results. The twelve zodiac signs can be differentiated into 4 elements which are namely - fire, water, wind, and earth. The planet Moon has a special ability that makes it different from the rest of the signs. The Moon reflects the characteristics of the zodiac signs it is placed in. When Moon is in fire signs, the individual becomes assertive. When the Moon is in water signs, the individual becomes emotional. When the Moon is in earth signs, the individual becomes grounded and ambitious. When the Moon is in Air signs, the individual becomes restless and fluctuating. The Moon is considered to be exalted in the sign of Taurus and the Moon is debellated in the sign of Scorpio. Moon finds its maximum directional strength in the 4th house and feels directionless in the 10th house.

Moon is a planet that absorbs and reflects the energy of the planets it is conjunct to or aspected by. It easily gets influenced by the energy of other planets. Moon gives positive results under the influence of Jupiter and Venus. Under the influence of Mercury, Moon can become practical and diplomatic. On the other hand, Moon is not very comfortable with planets such as Saturn, Mars Rahu, and Ketu. Moon is neutral with the energy of the Sun. For example, when Moon comes under the influence of Saturn it results in fear and anxiety.

It is always a wise decision to consult an astrologer before coming to any conclusion. Although, there are a few symptoms of someone having a weak or afflicted Moon. A weak or afflicted Moon can often result in a problematic relationship with the mother. These individuals can often suffer from insecurity and malnutrition. They can suffer from mental health problems. These are few general symptoms of a weak or afflicted Moon. The more severe symptoms include emotional abuse, depression, delusion. When someone has a severely afflicted Moon, they can feel void and are often emotionally indifferent. This may result in a lack of emotional connection.

There are a few practical remedies that can be followed to balance the energy of the Moon in our lives and get positive results out of it:

 • Consuming water is charged by the energy of the Moon. To do this, we need to select a location that receives adequate moonlight on a full Moon. We gave to take some drinking water in a glass container and keep it in that location for the entire night on a full moon. Then consume the water early in the morning ideally before the Sunrise.

 • Practicing breathing exercises. You have needed two concentrates on your breathing for 15min twice a day.

 • Rubbing essential oils like sandalwood, jasmine, lavender on the third eye helps with the malefic effects of the planet Moon.

 • One must always consider and keep a track of the food they are eating. A weak or afflicted Moon can cause stomach-related problems frequently.

 • Individuals with a weak Moon tend to have the wrong company. You must critically analyze their circle before completely trusting them.

 • Individuals with a weak or afflicted Moon must stay away from any kind of substance abuse. These individuals are more vulnerable to substances than anyone else.

 • If needed these individuals must readily ask for professional help.

 • Moon is associated with the sacral chakra. Therefore, practicing sacral chakra meditation is a great remedy for the Moon.

 • Practice chanting the Moon beej mantra regularly.