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In Chinese Astrology, the year 2021 is considered the year of the Metal Ox. It starts on the 12th of February, 2021 and ends on 31st January, 2022. The year of the Ox holds great promises for all the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. After a period of suffering, ill health and bad financials, some hope is at the end of the tunnel.

The year of the Ox would highlight environment, connecting to nature and to our spiritual inner self. This would be a great year to make some major lifestyle changes. The single ones might have a period of unhappiness and solitude. Some might encounter delays and hindrances in their professional and personal aspirations.

The year of the Ox would ask for some financial austerity measures on an individual and global level. But for some hiccups this would be quite a balanced period for all of us. A good time for nurturing lost relationships. The Ox also stands for fight, hence there might be some major protests across the globe for national and environmental issues.

However the individual Chinese animal signs would have varied fortune during the year of the Ox, read on for more on the Chinese horoscopes for 2021.

Rat 2021 Chinese horoscope

Rat Horoscope The year of the Ox would not be a great period for Rat people. They would not be able to reach their goals and ambitions in life. Hitherto their wits and cunning nature would have kept them from going.more...

Ox 2021 Chinese horoscope

Ox Horoscope
This being your year, promises good tidings and major changes that are quite favourable for you in the long run. Troubles and delays of yester years would now vanish and you would be able to earn the goodwill in personal and professional circles.more...

Dragon 2021 Chinese horoscope

Dragon Horoscope
Year 2021 would be a very memorable period for Dragon natives. This is a time when your intelligence and sharpness would be brought to the fore. Many interesting things are lined up for you for the period ahead. It would be a mixed time though with ups and downs oscillating. more...

Rabbit 2021 Chinese horoscope

Rabbit Horoscope
The year of the Ox is predicted to be quite a calm and peaceful year for Rabbit personalities. Things would be the same as the past years. However some of the troubles haunting you might now vanish into thin year. more...

Pig 2021 Chinese horoscope

Pig Horoscope
During this year of the Ox, Pig natives would encounter mixed situations and emotions around. Though they are known for their honesty and generosity, they should make sure that they are not utilized by people. more...

Rooster 2021 Chinese horoscope

Rooster Horoscope
The year of the Ox promises good tidings in the life of Rooster natives. During the year, you would be able to complete hitherto incomplete tasks at hand. There would be goodness in your career and new contacts with peers would be established. more...

Tiger 2021 Chinese horoscope

Tiger Horoscope
This year of the Ox would call the Tiger personalities to change their life principles to which they adhere to strongly. There would be many struggles in their life now. However it would tune you to change, develop and evolve. more...

Sheep 2021 Chinese horoscope

Sheep Horoscope
The year of the Ox would be a mixed period for Sheep natives. There would be troubles with finances and career issues might crop up. However their personal life would do good for the period ahead. more...

Monkey 2021 Chinese horoscope

Monkey Horoscope
Monkey people would see major changes in their lives during this year of the Ox. As the year moves on, they would feel a rise in their energy and vigour. Some of your long-held life ambitions would now materialize. more...

Horse 2021 Chinese horoscope

Horse Horoscope
During this year of the Ox, Horse natives would have a steady growth in their personal and professional life. There would not be any major impulsive changes. more...

Snake 2021 Chinese horoscope

Snake Horoscope
Snake natives are predicted with a successful period during this year of the Ox. Your financials would increase quite considerably when compared to the previous years. And there would be goodness in the relationship with near and dear ones. more...

Dog 2021 Chinese horoscope

Dog Horoscope
Dog natives are assured goodness in their business and work-place during this year of the Ox. A long-pending promotion is likely for the deserving ones. Those aspiring for a switch in job would find the time ripe enough for the same. more...

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